Aubrey O’Day Slams Lindsay Lohan, Praises Chris Brown [AUDIO]

Aubrey O'Day


During an interview on Thursday with DomNnate Radio, Aubrey O’day was very honest about her feelings on actress Lindsay Lohan and musician Chris Brown. Gossip Bucket notes, her interview was done out of Lynchburg, Virginia. According to Radar Online, when she was asked about the troubled star she answered:

I met her in a bathroom one time and she was kind of rude.

Then she added some less than flattering info about the bathroom attendant and a LiLo fan:

She didn’t tip the woman, and told a fan she’d come back and take a photo with them and never did. I don’t know, I don’t love that.


O’day then changed the subject saying she simply loves Chris Brown! Talk about ironic. This is what she said when asked about the infamous Rihanna-beater:

I really respect Chris Brown as an artist. I think he’s so incredibly really talented and I think whatever has happened, and the personal obsession that people have with him, is unfortunate.

It’s true. As we reported earlier this week, Chris is sick and tired of his bad rep and has even begun to question his career as a result. But, Audrey — defending Brown, has more to say about that.

It’s his personal business, his life journey to correct and make better. Artistically, I have nothing to say except kudos and respect to Chris Brown’s voice, dancing skills… He is an inspiring artist.

Listen to Aubrey’s radio interview bashing Lindsay Lohan and praising Chris Brown below!