BettingBad.Com: Website Offers Odds on ‘Breaking Bad’ Predictions

betting bad

With under a week until Breaking Bad’s triumphant return, the fate of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and every other Breaking Bad character that hasn’t already met an untimely demise is likely on the minds of most fans. With the final eight episodes premiering on August 11th at 9P:00PM ET on AMC, ultra-rabid Breaking Bad fans Joe Sabia, Chad Alderson, Elijah Szasz, Silas Sao, Ronnie Miller and Paul Gulyas decided to pool their resources and create a social betting site to predict for the final round of Breaking Bad predictions called Betting Bad.

Best described as “fantasy sports, meets television drama, meets NCAA Basketball Brackets,” Betting Bad allows users to bet on the murders, final fates, justice, loose ends, and what we’ll see and hear throughout the final eight episodes. After the end of each episode, the prediction scores are calculated, although no one actually bets or makes any money.

Betting Bad gives users 30 points to spend per episode, with 70 hypothetical outcomes for the show. Players make predictions all across the board, and then see how they stack up against their friends, who are presumably also Breaking Bad fans. So what are you waiting for? Start placing bets on what will happen from everyone to Walter White to Skinny Pete, and let’s see where the most anticipated final television season of all time goes.

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