‘Ghost Shark’ Follows Up on the Fins of ‘Sharknado’ as New WTF SyFy Movie

Just as America began to pick itself up again after the devastation that was Sharknado, we have more WTF shark movies heading our way – Ghost Shark. That’s right, the ocean is now haunted thanks to Syfy.

Where Sharknado was about a tornado that picked up a bunch of bloodthirsty man-eaters, Ghost Shark tells a much more logical story. A supernatural great white shark returns from the dead to exact its teethy vengeance on mankind for the wrongful death of sharks at the hands of fisherman. Told you it was much more logical.

Live sharks are terrifying enough already, but this specter sea creature has the ability to transform itself into any environment that has water.

Pool party… there’s ghost shark.
Car wash… there’s ghost shark.
Kissing in the rain… there’s ghost shark, romantic moment ruined.

shark car wash

The bikini car wash fundraiser just got a lot bloodier.

Prepare to never step foot in water again August 22nd 9 pm EST.


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