WATCH: Happy Birthday to Steve Carell With 10 Hilarious Video Clips

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It’s Steve Carell’s birthday and we need to pay homage to the seriously hilarious star by showing his Top 10 funny video clips. It’s hard to narrow them down, but we’re going to try! Check ’em out!

1. Crazy Stupid Love

Let’s start of with a scene from the movie Crazy Stupid Love. Steve Carell plays Cal Weaver who is being ridiculously honest in order to get Marisa Tomei’s character to sleep with him.

2. The 40 Year Old Virgin

Ah yes. The 40 Year Old Virgin. I had to include the infamous “Kelly Clarkson” screaming, chest waxing scene. No one can yell extremely weird obscenity-ridden phrases like Steve Carell can.

3. Bruce Almighty

While we’re watching Steve Carell make a fool out of himself, let’s add another crazy rant to the list. Check out this scene as Jim Carrey takes over Steve Carell’s mouth.

4. Anchorman

Steve Carell’s character Brick in the movie Anchorman eats a “falafel dog”, which is actually a coffee filter from the trash. So gross and so funny.

5. Get Smart

In this battle of the ballroom against Anne Hathaway’s character, you will laugh until your stomach hurts. You’ve been warned.

6. Ellen

On Ellen’s talk show, she gets her revenge on Steve Carell who snuck up behind her and scared her on a previous episode. Ellen hides in Steve Carell’s bathroom in his dressing room and kindly shows us the footage.

7. The Oscars

In this clip from The Oscars in 2006, Steve Carell and Will Ferrell present the award for Best Makeup wearing horrible makeup. It’s pretty hilarious as the two actors keep straight faces throughout their speeches.

8. Conan

On Conan O’Brien’s talk show, Steve Carell is challenged to a “rapidfire character improv” game. He also talks about his 50th birthday, mimicking people who complain about their age.

9. The Office

Check out this video compilation of all of Michael Scott aka Steve Carell’s best moments from The Office.

10. The Shirtless Short

I couldn’t resist adding in this little clip of the “shirtless short” featuring Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, and Jon Stewart doing silly poses without their shirts on. Enjoy!

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