Jeffrey Soffer, Elle McPherson’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jeffrey Soffer and Elle McPherson


The beautiful Elle McPherson, 49, and Jeffrey Soffer recently tied the knot in exotic Fiji. The couple has dated on and off for two years, but reportedly got back together due to some interesting near-death circumstances that made them reconsider their relationship. Find out more about Elle’s new hubby below!

1. Soffer is a Billionaire

Elle McPherson’s new hubby, Jeffry Soffer, has quite a load of money on his hands. According to GetNetWorth, he’s worth billion bucks! The source also reports, he’s the son of Donald Soffer, who originally founded Florida real estate company Turnberry Associates. The company extends to places in the U.S. like Las Vegas, Orland, Arlington and also in the Bahamas. Looks like McPherson likes ’em smart… and rich.

2. Soffer Was in a Helicopter Accident

According to Daily Mail, a life-threatening accident was what brought Jeffrey and Elle back together after their brief breakup last year. During a trip to the Bahamas in November, things went terribly wrong and the helicopter Jeffrey was sitting in came crashing down. The accident ended up killing his friend, Lance Valdez, and but luckily only left Soffer with a fractured vertebrae.

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3. Soffer Proposed to Elle in London

According to the report, Elle immediately flew down to see her injured ex after his accident, and shortly thereafter announced that the two were back together… and engaged! Apparently, the billionaire businessman popped the big question on a trip to London. Recently, they married in Fiji.

How romantic!

4. Soffer Currently Lives in Florida

With his company set up in Florida, it doesn’t look like Soffer will be up and moving out of the sunshine state anytime soon. Instead, KPopStarz reports, the couple decided it’s McPherson that will be doing the moving… and more specifically, into Soffer’s huge estate in Florida.

Not bad, not bad.

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5. Soffer is Now a Stepfather

Because of McPherson’s previous marriage to French photographer Arpad Busson, as reported by nowmagazine, Soffer has officially taken a step-fatherly role of Elle’s boys: Flynn, 15, and Aurelius Cy, 10.
The source also claims, it is uncertain whether or not McPherson’s sons made it to the couple’s wedding in Fiji.