WATCH: J.J. Abrams’ Creepy & Mysterious New Project, ‘Stranger’

Well, JJ Abrams has caught everyone’s attention again with this trailer, titled Stranger. Posted by Abrams’ production company Bad Robot, the vague video could be a new project from the creators of Lost. The trailer plays out with an odd man walking out of the ocean as the camera floats over to a (possible) pursuer right behind him. The last shot shows the “stranger” stuck with a sewn shut mouth glaring at his “prey.”

No one knows what this is. It could be a new TV project or a new feature film, but that is probably doubtful with Abrams’ increasingly busy production slate. The next logical conclusion would be a new TV show that could confuse the next generation of TV fans.

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The maestro of mystery has a penchant for constructing puzzles like this.

No release date has been announced, and who knows when Abrams or his company will divulge what this is. The summary I just gave could be completely wrong too. Despite that, it’s a pretty creepy but intriguing watch.