Juan Pablo Galavis, To Star in ‘The Bachelor’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Juan Pablo Galavis


Even after Juan Pablo Galavis was booted by Desiree Hartsock in Season 9 of The Bachelorette, America never forgot him. In fact, many watchers were unpleasantly surprised when he didn’t receive the much coveted rose. However, the handsome Latino and single father has come a long way since his rejection and has recently been given an even bigger offer by ABC… To star in the next season of The Bachelor! Find out more below.

1. Juan Is a Professional Soccer Player

Juan Pablo Galavis


In case you were wondering about Juan Pablo’s sexy bod, the Bachlorette contestant used to be a professional Venezuelan soccer player. According to USA Today he played at Roberts Wesleyan College, and then played for Miami in the United Soccer League’s first division.

2. Juan Pablo Will Star in “The Bachelor”

Although it looks like Juan Pablo might be leaving the small screen for now, he will be back in just a few months. As reported by US Magazine, Juan was adored so much by fans that he was chosen by ABC to be the new upcoming love-seeker on The Bachelor.

Host Chris Harrison even said this about Juan Pablo:

In the history of this show, no guy has made a greater impact with less screen time than our soccer-playing single dad. He’s the fan favorite we barely got to know!

Listen to what Juan Pablo had to say about returning to TV to become the next Bachelor in this interview below:

The Bachelor will premiere in January 2014!

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3. JP Is the First Latino Bachelor

Juan Pablo Galavis


Juan Pablo will be the very first Latino Bachelor to ever come on the show in its 11-year history on air. And, People reports that in 2012 a lawsuit was even filed stating that discrimination laws were being violated by the show. Maybe the show’s choice to bring on a hunk like Juan Pablo is the show’s way of retaliating! But, the Bachelorette and Bachlor series won’t be the first time the single-dad charmer has been on television anyway. According to reports by Latina, Juan Pablo is a former TV presenter for a Spanish sports show called Mega News.

4. Juan Pablo Wants to Expand His Family

Juan Pablo Galavis


According to US Magazine, this is what Juan Pablo had to say about his family-building aspirations:

Right now, I am almost 32 years old. I really want a family… I want to settle down and have a wife and two more kids.

He even added this about making the decision to come on The Bachelor:

It was hard to make the decision. It’s a great responsibility, because I’m going to find, hopefully, the person who’s going to be with me and my daughter… I want to find a stepmom for my daughter Camila and I want to have two more kids.

5. His Ex is Actress Carla Rodriguez

Carla Rodriguez


As most know, Juan Pablo is a single daddy. But, who is the mommy? Beautiful actress Carla Rodriguez, who according to the source, is on good terms with Juan. Recently, the reports show, she even sent a tweet supporting his decision to come on The Bachelor. Rodriguez is the mother of Juan Pablo’s young daughter named Camila.

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