WATCH: Kevin Spacey Warns Hollywood its ‘House of Cards’ Will Crumble

Are you listening, Hollywood? House of Cards star Kevin Spacey has a few interesting things to say. Embodying a more gentle version of Francis Underwood, Spacey delivers the keynote speech at Edinburgh International TV Fest, calling Hollywood to arms!

The Telegraph broadcast the actor’s speech, which forecast the industry’s inevitable transition to streaming and advocated for TV execs to be well prepared.

AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher called it “the most cogent call to arms” to embrace the inevitable digital revolution upon us. Spacey’s show heralded the golden age of streaming when it premiered online last fall, so he holds some clout when preaching these realities.

Of course, the actor’s controversial comments have raised concerns from traditional broadcasters. The Guardian reports that execs at the BBC feel Spacey overgeneralized the unique system Netflix has implemented in its system.

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Ultimately, Spacey was trying to urge the TV industry to become more active. With conflicts like the dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable affecting bystanders and other examples of the industry refusing to innovate, Spacey’s attempts at a warning could fall on deaf ears.

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