WATCH: Lady Gaga Performs ‘Applause’ Live at VMAs … in Seashell Thong VIDEO]

lady gaga 2013 vmas thong performance video

Lady Gaga stunned us all once again with a stellar performance live at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013. Gaga opens the number in an opera-like melody, dressed like a fashionable nun in white. Wide-eyed she sings to the crowd before transforming into an all black with a black swim-cap like headpiece. Moments after this, she changes into a glittery blue outfit with a mod-like short blonde wig. Not long after, she loses the blonde wig and blue outfit only to end up in a neon yellow wig with crazy face paint. You get the point. Queen Gaga ends up in a shell bikini with a long dirty blond wig. Check out the video below.

Now check out all the pics from Gaga’s insane performance!

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