Lindsay Lohan’s Mystery Boyfriend From Rehab: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lindsay Lohan


It’s so sweet when you finally meet your other half, especially when the two of you meet in rehab and are both fighting the same life-threatening addiction. Adorbs!!!

But, we can’t say we were all that surprised when we heard that’s exactly what Lindsay Lohan did. Currently, the actress seems to be sobered up and doing well, so — whatever floats your boat LiLo. But, who is this new mystery man Miss Lohan seems to be so head-over-heels for? Read more to find out!

1. He Got Kicked Out of Rehab Because of Lindsay

According to reports by Radar Online, Lindsay Lohan found herself a new boyfriend (his name remains unidentified) during her recent stay at Cliffside Malibu treatment center. The troubled actress was sent there to try to overcome her battle with drug addiction… but no one said anything about resisting love fever. Reports say the couple was nearly inseparable at the center, but, ironically that’s also what got them split up.

An inside source said this:

Everybody in rehab knew they were dating. It was pretty obvious. But the guy eventually got kicked out because of Lindsay.

Other treatment attendees at the center were reportedly “uncomfortable” with Lindsay and boyfriend X’s lovey-dovey behavior, and that’s not all. Apparently, there was some rivalry between Lindsay and the other girls at the treatment site that ultimately led to the separation of the two. An additional inside source said:

I know that’s why he was asked to leave, because Cliffside made a big scene about it. They interviewed everyone about it, and all the girls ratted them out because they hated Lindsay.

Ah yes, I remember high school.

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2. Lindsay Is Extremely Territorial

Lindsay Lohan


Radar notes, Lindsay is strangely obsessed with her new “bf.”

Insiders told Radar:

The guy was actually dating someone else in rehab at the time and Lindsay told him he needed to get rid of that other girl and be with her only. She was really territorial with him.

Sounds like Lindsay wants to wear the pants around here! The insider added:

He was at my house in Orange County on July 4th and Lindsay was totally controlling him, calling him saying she was going to get a car to pick him up or something because she wanted to see him. It was crazy.

Does the troubled child star have some weird relationship fetish? Or, is everyone just hating on her and her new romance? We’ll have to stay tuned.

3. Sources Call Him Lindsay’s B**ch

Lindsay Lohan


What first began as a month-long fling apparently turned into the real deal. Even Perez Hilton says, the couple is still very much dating — they visit each other regularly. This almost looks like the beginning to a healthy (and sober) and relationship for the 27-year-old drug rebounder. But, is it really what it seems?

Check out what this insider said:

He thinks they’re going to last. He’s trying to hold on to her. And she’s stringing him along, saying she wants to take him to New York. But Lindsay’s a typical rescuer type. She thinks she can fix him or something, but really he’s just her little b*tch. Her little pet.

Talk about drama! Maybe things aren’t what they seem — it sounds like both LiLo and her new man need some “fixing.” But, since they’re reportedly still together — should we assume they’ve kissed and made up?

4. Lindsay is a Co-Dependent Control Freak

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay is hungry for control… over everything and everyone! Reportedly, when Lindsay was asked why she was dating in rehab the star replied it was because she “needs someone to control.” A source says:

She said she was co-dependent and needs to be with someone, and couldn’t even leave the house alone.

Does Lindsay “need” someone to control because she still feels out of control herself?

5. There Are Rumors Lindsay “Bought” Her New Man’s Love

Being a celebrity can be tough when it comes to matters of money… Especially when it comes to dating a non-celebrity. Could Lindsay’s money be a big part of why her new man is wit her? Inside sources from the treatment center seem to think so.

They said:

She still talks to him every day. The guy was nice to her, but it was fake. He would talk sh*t about her behind her back. Lindsay basically bought his affection. One time she bought him like seven pairs of shoes online at one time!

It sounds like Lindsay needs to find out if her rehab guy’s love is true. Or else, she might end up with a sad love story on her hands… and an empty bank account!

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