RIP Lisa Robin Kelly: 5 Classic Videos of Laurie Forman

As the world mourns the tragic death of Lisa Robin Kelly, we can’t help but relive some of her finest moments on That ’70s Show as Laurie Forman. She was blasted as promiscuous by every character on the program, and no one can forget her thing for Kelso. Her tough relationship with her mom also stood out as a defining aspect, but come on, no one really remembers Laurie as a “freeloader.” While she wasn’t in every season, the ones she was in were thoroughly enjoyable as a stupidly sexy and interesting (if difficult) character. Here’s our 5 favorite clips. RIP Lisa Robin Kelly.

5. Laurie Wants Michael Kelso So Bad

“I don’t think Kelso is going to last that long.”

4. Laurie Forman gets Sassy With Christina Applegate

3. Laurie Comes Home For Thanksgiving.

“Yeah, he replaced me with your mom.”

2. Compilation of Laurie Clips set to “I’m a Bitch.”

Laurie was such an unforgettable character even if she could be difficult at times.

1. Laurie Coming on to Pastor Dave

“Does anyone have a question about the Bible?” “Do you have your own place?”

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