Louis Tomlinson, One Direction, Defends Mom Against The Mirror Newspaper

Louis Tomlinson, Johannah “Jay” Tomlinson, Mom, Daniel Deakin, Tomlinson Midwife


Louis Tomlinson has come to the rescue, defending his family’s honor. A UK newspaper called The Mirror put a member of the boy band One Direction on blast. Well, the newspaper has put his family on blast.

The media outlet has published an article about Louis Tomlinson’s mother and her fiancee Daniel that doesn’t paint a flattering picture of his “mum”. The story tries to paint Tomlinson’s mom “Jay” as a home-wrecker who broke up a marriage after acting as a mid-wife for the couple. To add insult to injury, the baby was a stillborn.

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The Mirror took it a step further to get numerous quotes against Jay and her “stealing” a woman’s husband. Here are some of the words they “collected” from friends and other sources.

I don’t know how those two can live with themselves.

Now all they do is flaunt their love on Twitter and Facebook for everyone to see.

They even compare themselves to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Everyone in Doncaster is sick of them shouting about their love online.

It’s no wonder that with harsh comments like these, Jay’s son Louis is outraged and devastated. Even in his upset, he’s standing up for his mother and his family.

Louis vows to never work with the newspaper after the article they have published.

Can anyone really blame him? As a result, fans are lashing out on Twitter as well in support of Tomlinson and the entire group.

How’s that for dedicated fans?

And, his band-mates are behind him 100% as well. Check out the tweet below.

The best part of all of this is that, due to the overwhelming amount of outrage in support of Tomlinson, The Mirror’s Twitter account has been suspended.

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