‘PRINCE’S 1st Tweet…Testing 1, 2….’ Pop Icon is Now on Twitter


The artist currently known as Prince has surrendered to the Internet.

Nearly 40 years into his career, the notoriously Internet-resistant pop star has made his Twitter debut. With CAPs-lock saturated letters and purposefully misspelled words, Prince has already garnered 34,391 followers on the social media platform.

On his page, right below Prince’s handle @3rdEyeGirl (his band’s name) sits the larger-than-life description: 4 HARD-ROCKING, SOFT-SPOKEN, ASTRAL TRAVELING EXPLOSIONS OF AWESOME. The pop royalty icon has already retweeted fans and has even posted a “selfie” as well as a picture of his over-peppered dinner. Follow the Prince and check out some of his top tweets below:





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