RIP Larry Shippers: Did One Direction Fans Commit Suicide Over ‘Crazy About One Direction’ Documentary?

One Direction fans are taking the recent documentary ‘Crazy About One Direction’ to heart. Huffington Post has reported that:

‘Crazy About One Direction’ prompted outrage among the One Direction fan community, who claimed they’d been depicted as ‘insane’ and made to look like ‘psychos’, and soon after the show aired #RIPLarryShippers began trending.

Have a look at a clip from the documentary below.

Wild claims are now circulationing that 42 fans have killed themselves over “Larry Shippers”. The number first started out as 14 fans. But, who or what is Larry Shippers?

Larry Shippers is a sub-group of One Direction fans who dream of a “bromance” between two of the One Direction members – Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The Daily Dot reports:

“Larry shippers” are fans who believe that band members Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles (“Larry Stylinson”) are in a relationship, and they make up a significant proportion of the band’s fanbase. There’s a lot of conflict between them and fans who support Louis Tomlinson’s relationship with his real-life girlfriend Eleanor, with both sides regularly accusing each other of cyberbullying.

Currently, the hashtag RIP Larry Shippers is trending all over Twitter.

But, could it be threats from fans against “Larry Shippers” who have caused all of these suicides. Threats to all the “Larry Shippers” out there have been made across the internet telling them to die.

What’s worse is that a lot of fans are blaming Channel 4, who put out the documentary.

Some of the alleged current victims as well as previous suicide victims are being named on Twitter through “RIP” tweets.

Nonetheless, there is still no hard evidence that fans have actually committed suicide. The Daily Dot states:

After some investigation, we were only able to find the Twitter accounts of three fans who are alleged to have taken their own lives: @LovinLarry17, @larrystylincum_, and @harryisatwerk. But while none of these three fans have tweeted in the past twelve hours, there’s nothing to suggest that this isn’t a case of “pseuicide” (“killing” or deleting an online persona), a phenomenon that one sees fairly often in online fandom.

Our hearts go out to the families who have lost their loved ones.

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1 Comment

Narry Storan

My friend ava’s sister committed suicide because she was getting hate mail from other 1D fans and she was only 12 #sing for destiny

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