‘Parks & Meth’ & ‘Heisenlolz’… the Top 5 ‘Breaking Bad’ Tumblrs

breaking bad meth

With Breaking Bad’s final episode release right around the corner on August 11 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC, it’s time to see some of the more wacky, light-hearted turns that Breaking Bad has taken through Tumblr Internet culture. For your viewing pleasure, here’s the top five Breaking Bad Tumblrs.

1. Parks & Meth

breaking bad tumblr

A mashup of Parks and Recreation and Breaking Bad , Parks & Meth offers the best of both shows, with pithy Parks and Rec quotes transposed over what should be menacing images from Breaking Bad to create one ridiculous yet oddly enticing concept.

2. Heisenlolz

hector breaking bad

A humor blog that mostly consists of ridiculous Breaking Bad comics, Heisenlolz provides some of the silliest Breaking Bad content around.

3. Breaking Bad…Bitch!

breaking bad walter white

A relatively serious blog, Breaking Bad… Bitch! shows off some of the best Breaking Bad memes, but also provides discussion, commentary, and insight into the latest Breaking Bad episodes. This is one blog you’re going to want to check out when the new episodes begin to come out.

4. Breaking Bad AMC

breaking bad tumblr

The official AMC Breaking Bad blog, BreakingBadAMC shows off user-submitted art, memes, GIFS and video content that AMC thinks is worth checking out.

5. Meth Lab in the Middle

malcom in the meth lab

A mash up of Bryan Cranston in Malcom in the Middle and Breaking Bad, Meth Lab in the Middle pairs Cranston’s Hal Wilkerson character from Malcom in the Middle with the thoughts and disposition of his Walter White persona from Breaking Bad.