[LIVE] Usher Takes The Stand in Child Custody Case


Usher Raymond IV has currently taken the stand in his child custody case with ex-wife Tameka following his son’s near-drowning experience.

Check out the live courtroom feed on Usher and Tameka’s child custody case at Wild About Trial.

So far, it has been noted that Usher was fully aware his son’s nanny did not have a cellphone. The 911 call that police received following the incident was made by the nanny, from inside the house. Tameka feels her kids are in harm’s way by being under Usher’s supervision, and that Usher was being irresponsible by not making sure his son’s nanny knew how to conduct CPR. However, the judges dismissed the charges on CPR saying, “most caregivers do not have these skills.” However — he did warn Usher to keep Tameka more informed about his whereabouts, and to keep her in the loop when it comes to plans regarding him or his son.