‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale Live Blog

You may not be ready for the finale of the hit show Breaking Bad, but the time has come. Tune in here for live updates, photos, and more info surrounding the finale of Breaking Bad.

Three Minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8:57pm

#GoodbyeBreakingBad and #BreakingBadFinale are trending big time on Twitter right now. 8:58pm

It’s On!!!!!!!!!!!! Felina in progress… 9:03pm

Check out all that cash in the trunk! 9:07pm

You have a visitor … Walter’s in the house! 9:11pm

Hello, Gretchen … 9:12pm

Walter wants them to come with him to his car … he has something for them … Hmmm … 9:13pm

Walt wants his drug money to get to his kids using Gretchen and Elliott to do it. 9:20pm

Whoa Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Target #1 and #2. 9:21pm

Walter White makes sure his money goes to where it’s supposed to lol … 9:22pm

Ha ha. Sniper fake-out. They’re really Badger and Pete! 9:24pm

Just a fun fact in the tweet below:

Walter White interrupts once again … 9:33pm

There’s the coughing! 9:34pm

A flashback to season 5 … Mr. Lambert’s birthday. 9:35pm

Oh, poor Lydia … Mmmm Ricin …

Who feels the need for speed right now?

Skylar … Walter gives her coordinates of where to find Hank and Steve Gomez … their money … and the others who tried to “steal his money” … Walter White wants Skylar to give her lawyer those coordinates to help her get out of trouble. 9:48pm

Twenty minutes left … 9:56pm

Uh Oh… Is Walt in trouble? “Jack, you owe me!” 10:01pm


Jack thinks he’s going to shoot Walter … Who thinks Walter has other plans? 10:02pm

Whoa! Surprise, guys! Walt’s packin’… Machine Gun-Firing Trunk … Nice. 10:04pm

Walt saved Jesse!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:10pm

Jack wants one more cigarette, huh? Bang! Bye, Jack. 10:07pm

Jesse and Walt on the same side! … Just kidding. The tables turn so quickly … 10:08pm

It looks like Walt’s wounded. 10:08pm

And Jesse walks away … 10:09pm

The police are coming …. as Walt falls to the ground dead. 10:13pm

Walter White is dead and Jesse is free … 10:15pm

Watching “Talking Bad” with Aaron Paul and he admits he didn’t want his character to kill Walt. He wanted Walt to die in his own misery. But, he thinks it’s great that Walt sort of died protecting Jesse. 10:22pm

Aaron Paul, Vince Gilligan, and Jimmy Kimmel talking all about Breaking Bad.

Jimmy Kimmel thought Walter White was Batman and the Joker combined with his machine gun rig in his trunk. 10:32pm

Vince Gilligan says his thoughts for this episode relate back to the end of a John Wayne flick The Searchers. 10:33pm

How will Lydia’s Ricin poisoning affect Stevia sales? 10:34pm

Anna Gunn is in the Talking Bad house … 10:41pm

A piece of Skyler still loves Walt. He finally told the truth. 10:44pm

Mike gets it done. 11:05pm

Anna Gunn and Jonathan don’t know what to do after such amazing roles… Where do they go from here? 11:12pm

Vince Gilligan used to love The Twilight Zone. 11:13pm

A helicopter flies over, interrupting Talking Bad for a minute. 11:14pm

And that’s all folks! RIP Breaking Bad. 11:15pm