Dancing With the Stars Premiere 9/16/2013: Live Blog

It’s a new season of Dancing With the Stars, so let’s start it off with a live blog giving you minute-to-minute updates. Let’s go!

How hot was Peta in the limo? 8:01pm

Who thinks Peta and Brant are going to hook up by week 3? 8:04pm

Brant and Peta – Cha Cha Cha – Clip by televisionpromos

Loving that Brant and Peta danced to “Blurred Lines”… 8:08pm

22 for Pretty Little Liars star Brant Daugherty! 8:09pm

Lol. Remini is priceless. 8:15pm

Two Saved By the Bell-ers on DWTS tonight! Jessie Spano and Stacey Karosi! 8:16pm

Was that Jlo and her beau in the front row cheering for Leah Remini? Yes it was! 8:19pm

Uh oh. Bruno is calling for twerking from Leah next week. 8:20pm

And, we’re back! 8:26pm

Karina Smirnoff looks like a goddess. 8:29pm

Karina’s first contemporary dance ever! Shaking from head to toe, so cute. Great job, Karina and Corbin Bleu! 8:33pm

Aw, Mommy and Daddy Ozzy in the front row for son Jack Osbourne. Sharon looked like she was about to burst into tears. 8:36pm

So far so good with Jack Osbourne… Seriously good job with the Fox Trot! 8:39pm

Aw, Sharon Osbourne crying for her son in the audience makes me fight back tears myself. 8:40pm

Calling all Gleeks! Amber Riley paired up with Derek Hough! 8:47pm

Loving Amber Riley’s positive personality. 8:49pm

Awesome job for Amber! 8:51pm

Holy crap! Amber Riley gets 9’s across the board! A score of 27 out the gate! 8:52pm

We understand why Elizabeth Berkley might close the door on dancing after Showgirls. 8:56pm

So cute that Val learned English from watching Saved by the Bell. 8:59pm

Val Chmerkovskiy and Elizabeth Berkley equaled perfection. Score of 24! 9:01pm

Ha ha. Val had a crush on Kelly, not Jessie from Saved by the Bell. 9:02pm

Bill Nye the Sciene Guy with a newbie pro. 9:03pm

Bill brings his partner a brand new … flask. 9:04pm

Ha ha I’m loving Bill’s moves. He loves to dance. 9:05pm

Who’s loving that Bill Nye the Science Guy is dancing to “Weird Science” right now? 9:06pm

Aw, don’t be so hard on Bill. He did his best. Carrie Ann is so sweet telling him he’s the heart of the show. 9:09pm

Can’t get over Sharna’s gold pants. Having a moment right now… They couldn’t look better on anyone else. 9:14pm

Shout out to JLo from Christina Milian! 9:20pm

Christina Milian looks hot with that burgundy hair… Great contemporary dance. 9:25pm

Len loved the choreography, but Carrie Ann wants Milian to open up more. 9:26pm

Another new pro on the dance floor. 9:32pm

Blue Collar Comedy in the house! 9:33pm

Hearing “Hot Stuff” right now makes my night. 9:34pm

6-6-6 for Bill Engvall … 9:37pm

Love Valerie Harper so much. Such a brave woman and one of the nicest women I’ve ever met. Love her. 9:38pm

Valerie Harper is such an inspiration. 9:39pm

How cute is Valerie Harper right now? 9:44pm

Carrie Ann looks like she’s about to cry as she fights tears in appreciation of Valerie Harper’s routine. 9:47pm

Len loves Valerie! 9:47pm

Snooki’s up next! Who’s ready? 9:49pm

Snooki yay! Shortest couple ever! 9:53pm

Haha. Love that Snooki fell on her little tush in rehearsals as she says she can really dance. 9:54pm

Loving Snooki’s little pink number. 9:55pm

Oh, Len. Calling Snooki a pocket rocket… Yup. That’s all I have to say. 9:56pm

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