‘Dexter’ Series Finale: Top 5 Predictions for the End of Dexter Morgan

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The series finale of Showtime’s Dexter airs tonight at 9 PM EDT, and online media has been abuzz with predictions on how the end will come about for America’s favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall).

A noted theme throughout the final season has been a series of side story lines that critics and regular viewers agree will be hard to wrap up in one last episode. What’s the deal with Deb and Quinn? Why should we give a frick about Vince Masuka’s daughter? And is “the coming storm” allegory laid on a LITTLE too thickly?

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The answers are: I don’t know, I don’t know, and YES.

But for the those of us who have invested 8 years into the series, we don’t care about the obvious flaws. You better believe we’ll be watching.

Here’s what the top 5 predictions are for end of the Dexter, as discussed on Reddit.

5. All in Dexter’s Head

Redditor clwestbr writes:

Turns out that, like the Professor from season 6, all the characters are in Dexter’s head and he’s just been running around doing insane shit while his sister tries to keep her handicapped brother Dexter away from the neighbors so he won’t bother them.

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This actually would be hilarious. And as it has to be assumed given Miami PD’s ineptness, Dexter isn’t based in 100% reality. Still, this wouldn’t be satisfying for a majority of viewers, although this Portlandia-esque humor is wholly fine with me.

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4. The Monologue Scenario

Redditor Velzok writes:

I always thought ever since the first episode that dexters whole story was a monologue. Hes explaining himself to the viewers.
What I mean by that is if you watch the first episode again its as if he’s telling his story in an interview and all this has already happened.

I really like this one. Given Dexter’s penchant for narrative, it would be especially cool if the connected monologue from all 8 seasons made up one long form monologue. Although given the growing sense of side stories, I’m guessing this can be ruled out.

3. Miami Metro is A-OK With the BHB

Redditor plotpop writes:

I always thought it would end with Miami Metro learning that Dexter was a serial killer, or at least the main members did, and after Dexter saves everyone from a particularly heinous killer it would end with an unsettling monologue as Dexter walks through the police department and everyone is giving him nods of approval — like they know what he does and are okay with it. Obviously the show never went in that direction.

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This would be great, but the death of Lieutenant LaGuerta pretty much ruled this out.

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2. The Other Dream Sequence

Redditor semvhu writes:

Things get weirder and weirder until something truly odd happens (I’m not creative enough for specifics here). Things start fading out and we fade back in to Dexter waking up on the floor in the shipping container. Debra actually shot him instead of LaGuerta. He’s been dreaming of a progressively normal life since then. Debra is by his side crying. Batista, LaGuerta, Masuka, et al are there. Dexter realizes what has happened, takes Debra’s hand, and thanks her for ending the nightmare. He dies right there in a pool of his own blood.

This would be a great way to end a not-so-stellar season finale and would put the ending up there with another Michael C. Hall series, Six Feet Under.

1. The One That Everyone Wanted

Redditor ZeroCool2390writes:

I always imagined the entire final season being about Dexter on the run from Miami Metro, after they discovered he was the Bay Butcher at the end of the previous season.

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Unfortunately we didn’t get this Breaking Bad, heart-pounding finale. The writers seemed to be assume the audience wanted something more heartfelt. But I can tell you, this season would have been a lot better if it had started with Dexter fleeing the U.S. on his boat.

In the end, I’ll guess we’ll see what happens to Dexter tonight at 9. Here’s hoping the producers and writers do it right.

P.S. Anyone else laugh whenever Dexter or Deb make a far-fetched reference to Astor and Cody, as if Dexter will ever see those two again?

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