WATCH: Disney Creates Awful ‘Second Screen Live,’ Encouraging People to Bring Their iPads into Movies

Yep, you read correctly, Disney has come up with the worst idea since Smell-o-vision. it’s called “Second Screen Live,” and it consists of intentionally bringing your iPad to the movies, and then watching said movie on a small and big screen at once. While it does appear that the screens can display different things at once, we just want to point out to Disney that it doesn’t matter, because you can’t look at two things at once. Not complicated.

We’re not sure what marketing team thought this was a good idea to pair with the re-release of The Little Mermaid, but they really blew it. If you want to know just how bad the reception has been, head over to the following YouTube video’s page and you’ll see that comments are disabled. Hopefully, Disney will take the hint as this can’t really appeal to anyone who isn’t four-years-old. And even then, once you get a four-year-old to try this experience, they’re going to realize it’s stupid.

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