WATCH: Is Eminem Joking, Acting Weird, or on Drugs for this ESPN Interview?

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Slim Shady fans everywhere are confused at Eminem’s behavior on a recent ESPN broadcast. A reddit post has surfaced claiming that he was “tanked,” and multiple gifs have been made about his rather odd conversational style in the interview.

This gif seems to indicate that Slim Shady may or may not have been seeing things, such as humans with horse heads

horse gf

Other redditors thought different things:


And one YouTuber had a far more impassioned response:

Eminem is just a shy guy in an extroverted society. And there is nothing wrong with that. How many of you haters can be so deep in additction to point of being within an inch of dying from an overdose?
And come back out of that darkness, recover, stay sober for 4 years and the still be the King of rap?
What the haters don’t get is Em started out like the rest of us. He’s just a normal dude. He just has a killer drive and is a lyrical genius. So to all the real trolls on here hating STFU

“Will the lions cover four and a half tomorrow against Minnesota?”

Whatever the case, it does seem clear that Eminem doesn’t understand this question about the spread in the Detroit – Minnesota game, which is actually 5.5 points in Detroit’s favor. Regardless, our favorite line is “I’m really uncomfortable right now.”

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