One Direction: This Is Us – Extended Fan Cut 3D [VIDEO]

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For all you One Direction Super Fans out there, This Is Us 3D’s Extended Fan Cut is out today and we’ve got some video clips from it as well as the full run-down of what you’ll see.

As many of you know, a great deal of the movie shows the boys performing onstage at Madison Square Garden. Well, the extended cut features some more of that. About a half hour into the movie, the boys perform their song “I Would”, followed by their song “Heart Attack.” Definitely great additions to the film.

Around 15 minutes or so after those two performances, the crew, aka the “road family” of the One Direction boys is introduced a bit more in depth. For example, there’s more on Louise, their hair stylist and their wardrobe stylists. There’s also a great deal more on their tour manager who constantly is on them to get their little butts ready for their shows. In one part, Louis replies to him saying, “Okay, Dad.” Then, the boys’ choreographer and security staff are featured a bit more as well. The boys are shown throwing water on their security guys from stage and the security laughs it off. It just seems to be one big happy family.

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Next, the musical band who backs up the One Direction boys onstage is introduced. What’s funny is they refer to themselves as “One Direction 2” or the “Wrong Direction.” On a cute note, since the back up musicians and the One Direction guys are so close in age, they enjoy hanging out with each other, goofing around. The Extended Fan Cut also features the “One Direction 2” guys doing a quick yet funny boy band impression onstage.

Around 10 minutes or so later, the movie focuses on the sense of community One Direction fans have come to be a part of and the way they all connect. Liam personally says he loves how their fans contact each other over Twitter almost like pen pals. The group loves when their fans make things at home as a united fandom and when they bring signs to they shows. Louis says that he loves it because they perform the same show over and over, but the fans and their signs add a different aspect to each show for them.

Soon after this, the boys head back to where it all started … The X Factor. Check out the scene below of the boys returning to the set and fooling around as pretend judges.

One really awesome thing included in the Extended Fan Cut is sort of an introduction inside the personality of each band member. It’s sweet the way each of the guys talks about each other. On an interesting note, Liam and Louis reveal that they didn’t get along when they were on The X Factor. Louis annoyed Liam, but they soon grew to love each other. Also, the reason that Liam is called “Daddy Direction” by his band-mates is also revealed. Check it all out in the clip below.

Later, as the guys all sing a cover of “One Way Or Another,” they fly over to Ghana, Africa to see the individuals they’ll be helping. “One Way Or Another” was primarily released to give profits to charity. In fact, the guys raised over 1 million pounds. Amazing.

Finally, the boys perform “Back For You” and “Summer Love” … How cute is that?

All in all, the additions to the film perfectly fit in. To be honest, they could have just included them in the first place because they genuinely made the movie even better. So, if you haven’t checked it out yet, do it now! Oh, and it’s boy bander Niall Horan’s birthday today, so give him a shout out too!