Gucci Mane Has HIV According to Rapper Tyga

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In case you haven’t heard, rapper Gucci Mane has gone on a Twitter rampage, lashing out at many in the industry, including Nicki Minaj. But, this Twitter war has reached new heights as Media Takeout reports that rapper Tyga claims Gucci Mane has HIV. This claim was a result of Mane making comments about Tyga’s baby mama Blac Chyna. So, are these claims for real or are they just comments to get back at Mane?

According to Media Takeout, Gucci Mane’s latest actions on Twitter could fit the description of “Aids Related Dementia,” which can cause erratic behavior.

Whether this claim is true or not, it’s rather ironic since one of Gucci Mane’s crazy tweets was this:

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