Liam Payne: Fire at One Directioner’s Apartment Party Results in Burn Victim

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Liam Payne of the boy band One Direction has had a fire at his apartment, which has left his best friend Andy Samuels hospitalized with 20% burns on his face and hands, according to The Mirror. The outlet reports that:

Liam Payne’s best friend has been left with burns on his hands and face after a patio heater exploded at the star’s luxury apartment.

One source states that Payne’s friend went to fill up gas for a heating lamp, there was some sort of accident, and the whole balcony went up in flames. Liam was said to be inside when the explosion occurred, but rushed to his friend’s side to assure his safety. The fire destroyed 80% of Liam’s balcony and 35 firefighters were needed to put out the fire around 10 p.m. on Monday in East London. As they used breathing equipment to make their way through the thick smoke, 30 people were forced to leave the building. One other man and woman suffered small burns on their hands. None of the other members of the One Direction band were at the scene.

The hashtag #Prayforandy is currently trending to support Payne’s bff. In addition, Andy Samuels’ girlfriend Daisy has been keeping followers informed of his condition.

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