Miley Cyrus Promises Director’s Cut of Already Raunchy ‘Wrecking Ball’ Video

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Miley Cyrus has a special reward for all her fans, or as she calls them … Smilers! Once her “Wrecking Ball” video reaches 150 million views, she will release a Director’s Cut version.

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Now, in case you haven’t seen the video, it all ready features a naked Miley swinging from a wrecking ball. Plus, when she has her clothes on, they amount to a pair of tiny white panties and a braless white tank top. So, we’re wondering how much raunchier can it get in a director’s cut?

Fans are panting in anticipation and this is sure to bring up views on Miley’s all ready successful video. Check out the original one above.

And in case that wasn’t enough for you, check out some of the sexiest photos from the video here:

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