Robert Hunter Impersonates Justin Bieber to Get Fans to Strip Naked

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A man named Robert Hunter, 35, has pled guilty to 15 charges of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and 14 of making indecent photos at Teesside Crown Court, according to BBC News.

Apparently, Hunter’s targets were boys and girls across France, Spain, Serbia, Italy, the UK, Asia, and Canada. BBC News reports that girls believing Hunter was actually Justin Bieber, stripped off their clothes in front of their computer cameras after predator Hunter said he’d be their boyfriend. Teen boys also fell victim as Hunter impersonated a teenage girl, persuading them to perform sexual acts on camera.

Hunter tried to blackmail his victims who tried to back out. In fact, a 12-year-old-girl slashed her arms after Hunter posted explicit photos of her on Facebook, including her address and phone number with the pics. In turn, Judge Peter Browns said it was the worst case of internet child sex abuse he’d ever heard.

So, what was Hunter’s defense? His lawyer Tina Pawson stated:

He was a lonely individual who had difficulties in forming relationships with adults.

Detective Sgt. Paul Higgins, of Cleveland Police, had a different point of view:

Robert Hunter was a calculating and malicious predator who set out to coerce and bully young girls into exposing themselves over the internet.

Gawker reports that police found over 800 videos of children as young as 9-years-old performing sexual acts on Hunter’s computer.

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