Happy 45th Birthday to Will Smith with 5 Awesomest Movie Clips

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Happy Birthday, Will Smith! Will Smith turns 45 today, so let’s celebrate with some of his most awesome movie clips, shall we? Enjoy!

1. Bad Boys 2

This scene is a personal favorite. Will Smith’s character Mike assists his partner Marcus (Martin Lawrence) in messing with Marcus’ daughter’s date Reggie for the evening. You will definitely enjoy seeing Will Smith and Martin Lawrence torture this poor teenage boy in Bad Boys 2.

2. Men in Black

Will Smith shows off his bug-killing skills in Men in Black. Check out this scene where Will Smith is completely oblivious to the fact that the woman he’s talking to has been taken hostage. Instead, he thinks she’s hitting on him like a “drunken prom date.”

3. Hitch

Dancing doesn’t come easily to everyone. As Will Smith’s character in Hitch tries to help his client Albert learn to dance, he’s faced with many rhythmic struggles. Check it out.

4. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

This may not be a movie, but how could I leave out the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Check out this compilation of all Will Smith’s funniest dance moves on the show in the above video. And, because I couldn’t resist, enjoy another compilation of Smith’s dancing below.

Oh, and how could I leave out this classic clip in the below video?

5. Independence Day

Captain Hiller, aka Will Smith, has caught a dangerous alien and is dragging the unconscious thing across the desert in the movie Independence Day. Check out the funny clip as Captain Hiller gets increasingly bitter.

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