The 10 Best Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ Parodies & Funny Videos

‘Wrecking Ball’ was a smashing success, but that doesn’t mean pretty much the whole internet didn’t make fun of it thoroughly. Check out these 10 parodies of Miley’s naked hit.

1. Wrecking Ball: Literal Version

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball parody by Jay-Jay, Mike & DomIf you thought Miley's 'Wrecking Ball' video was shocking, you haven't seen nothing yet! Jay-Jay, Mike & Dom (from New Zealand's #1 radio station, The Edge) have gone and recreated the video in FULL GLORY – yes, nude EVERYTHING (well, apart from Mike – who refused to take it all off, we don't blame him!). Warning: what is seen here, cannot be unseen! We did warn you… Liked this? Watch the making of: 'Wrecking Wrecking Ball' Written by Dom Harvey – Vocals by the amazing Brooke Duff – Video by Augusto – Makeup by SmashBox –

2. I’m Gonna Kick You in The [Wrecking] Balls

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball PARODYDon't forget to Subscribe! Get your Lisbug Bows! Follow Me on Twitter! Like me on Facebook! Leave me a message! 716 -464 -CUTE (2883) Read me on Tumblr! Instagram me! @lisbugonyoutube Send me stuff! 345 North Maple Drive, Suite 395, Beverly Hills, Ca 90210 Starring : Shane Dawson : Benny Fine: Andre Meadows: Eric Schwartz: Trish Paytas : Alexis G Zall: Will Mcfadden : Luke Barnett: @iamlukebarnett Ryan Radis: @messagesbymom Megan Titus : @megantitus Mom And Grandma Schwartz Shot By: Eric Lombart: Thank you for watching, liking, commenting, and loving. I just adore you.2013-09-20T15:05:42Z

3. Wrecking Ball: How it Should Have Ended

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball PARODY (how the song should have ended)Oh Hannah, what happened to you? WEBSITE: YOUTUBE CHANNEL: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: SKYPE: NominalMuffin Original video:

4. Hedgehog Covers Wrecking Ball

"Wrecking Ball"–Hedgehog ParodyRegina has a medical condition which caused her obesity. While she is cute and fluffy, her weight is not ideal, and she is on a limited diet and under veterinary supervision. However, she does not let her medical condition affect her sense of humor! Follow Regina on Facebook at!!! Twitter: Instagram: Or check out her blog: Contact: hedgehogmonologues [at] gmail [dot] com. For more information on hedgehogs and how to care for them, check out and the Hedgehog Welfare Society at To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Viral Spiral: More details on why Regina is overweight: In the beginning of 2012, I noticed she wasn't using her wheel as much, and she started to have some… er, lady problems. So I took her to the veterinarian, and the vet did an ultrasound and ran some tests, and found that she had abnormal bacterias and possibly pre-cancerous cells in her uterus. The vet felt it was best to spay her ASAP as a preventative measure because cancer is so prevalent in hedgies. So, in February 2012 she was spayed. After she was spayed, she stopped using her wheel completely and began to gain weight despite no changes in her diet. I spoke to her vet about it, and she said that it's common for activity levels to decrease and for weight gain to occur after being spayed. I've asked three different veterinarians what I can do, and they all say the same thing: I can't force her to lose weight, and the best thing to do is just encourage activity as often as possible.2013-09-21T03:13:53Z

5. Wrecking Ball with Nicolas Cage

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (Nicolas Cage Edition)Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (Nicolas Cage Edition) Click here for the sequel: Nic Cage stunning performance in Wrecking Ball.2013-09-12T11:23:00Z

6. Super Creepy Wrecking Ball Without the Music

VideoVideo related to the 10 best miley cyrus’ ‘wrecking ball’ parodies & funny videos2013-09-27T16:28:29-04:00

7. Wrecking Ball Datamoshed (with Comparison to Original)

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Datamosh ComparisonA comparison video of the datamoshed version with the regular one Orignial videos: Evidently the original datamoshed version was deleted, i cant find another source for it2013-09-24T01:05:25Z

8. Guy Sings Wrecking Ball in Public (Horrifyingly Funny)

VideoVideo related to the 10 best miley cyrus’ ‘wrecking ball’ parodies & funny videos2013-09-27T16:28:29-04:00

9. Wrecking Ball (Heavy Metal Version)

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Metal Guitar CoverThanks for watching, the download for this song is in the info, please sub for more!

10. Guy Takes Off His Clothes to Do His “Parody”

This video is so awkward that he disabled likes and dislikes on YouTube.
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