J.J. Abrams ‘Almost Human’ : The Only Review You Need To Read


Day 1 of New York Comic Con has ended but Warner Bros decided to end the first day in style by showing a sneak preview of one of its new shows. Almost Human starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy. The futuristic drama takes place in 2035 where LAPD detectives are forced to partner with synthetic androids to help maintain the peace. Urban plays John Kennex, a cop who finds these droids untrustworthy after a botched raid. Still recovering from the trauma, he destroys his assigned partner and meets Dorian, a different type of robot played by Michael Ealy.

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Although I’m sure this premise sounds familiar and stale, Almost Human is worth your time. The big draw is the chemistry between the two leads. Playing off the stereotypes usually found in the buddy-cop genre, Urban and Ealy bounce lines off each other making these tired tropes seem fresh and new. Urban shows an emotional depth that you rarely see in his performances on the big screen while Ealy convincingly portrays a complicated machine masquerading as a man.

Developed by J.H. Wyman and produced under J.J. Abrams, the brain trust behind popular hits like Fringe have constructed an amazing futuristic world. The pilot starts off strong setting up the important elements of the high-tech Los Angeles. Also, the showrunners establish a strong mystery and creepy set of villains that could help support an entire season of stories.


The cast & crew of Almost Human at this summer’s TCA tour. (Getty)

My only minor criticism is the supporting cast. From the lab techs to the lieutenant, the secondary roles are greatly reduced to focus on the Ealy and Urban. While they are the main characters, it would have been nice to see the other members of the precinct get more screen time but that could change as the show continues. Overall, I highly recommend you watch this when it airs on Fox.

Almost Human premieres Monday November 4th.

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