WATCH: Drunk Blake Shelton Says Westboro Baptist Church ‘Can Blow Me’

Blake Shelton was a bit tipsy as he exited Usher Raymond’s birthday bash in Hollywood, California at hot spot Bootsy Bellows. In the above video, when The Voice star was asked about his thoughts on the Westboro Baptist Church threatening to picket Shelton’s concert in Kansas City, he happily replied with:

The Westboro Baptist Church can blow me.

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According to TMZ, further reasons for all the Westboro Baptist hate are these:

Members of the cretin org have beef with Blake, because he supports gay rights — tweeting about his recent song, “Ya the boys ’round here think it’s ok to be queer.” They’re also attacking Blake for having an affair with Miranda Lambert while he was still married.

Westboro Baptist Church: Top 10 Things You Didn't KnowWatch the top 10 things you didn't know about Westboro Baptist Church. They're the most hated family in America, maybe the world, and while we all know they're a bunch of despicable morons, the reality is that there is some subtlety to their brand of awful. Also, they tweet some really dumb stuff.2013-04-26T17:57:14.000Z

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