WATCH: Chad Ocho is Starring in a Movie…Chad Ocho Will Have His Own Movie!

Whether you know him as Chad Ocho, Ochocinco or simply Chad Johnson, there’s no doubt he’s one of the most entertaining men in sports, and now he’s getting his own movie.

Ocho will be starring in a “gritty” movie called Overtown, a crime thriller that’s half set in Ocho’s backyard in Miami and half in Jamaica. The director, Cess Silvera, has set up a Kickstarter for his project and on the page he speaks very highly of Ocho, saying:

Love him or really love him, he’s an entertainer. This Miami native racked up over 11,000 receiving yards, 67 touchdowns, and 6 pro-bowl selections in the NFL but was better known for what he did after the whistle blew. Whether it’s using props to celebrate a TD, legally changing his name to Ochocinco, or Dancing with the Stars, he’s always captured attention.

Now he takes on his first starring role as Overtown’s loose cannon ‘Dusty.’

The former Miami Dolphin has been going social media crazy in support of the project:

Well I can’t wait for this.

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