Project Runway Season 12 Finale Recap & Winner Dom Streater

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(Photo Credit: Lauren Weigle/

It’s the Season 12 finale of Project Runway and we’ve got all the info, video clips, photos, and details for you right here. And, just in case you wanted to know … The winner is … Dom Streater, taking home over $500,000 in prizes.

Tim Gunn had given each of the final designers $9,000 and six weeks to make their collections for Spring to show at New York Fashion Week. Each collection contained 10 looks and one of them had to be made with unconventional materials that were not real fabric. Then, the finalists also had to create an extra look that would be machine-washable for the show’s sponsor Tide. The final four contenders were Alexandria von Bromssen, Bradon McDonald, Justin LeBlanc, and Dom Streater.

As a special treat, take a look at some footage from New York Fashion Week where Heidi opens up the show and brings out Tim Gunn who usually stays behind-the-scenes at the runway shows. Enjoy the video below.

As always, there were a few snags for the designers. For Bradon, one of his models spilled coffee down the front of her dress and Justin had a no-show model, so he had to quickly adapt. And, one thing you didn’t see was at the end of the runway show, Heidi charmingly had to reintroduce the judges because the cameraman forgot to record their original introductions … Whoops! Now enjoy the below video clips of each of the finalists’ collections, including the winner.

1. Alexandria von Bromssen

2. Bradon McDonald

3. Dom Streater

4. Justin LeBlanc

Well, hope you enjoyed the show …

For further Project Runway news. October 24, 2013 starts a new season of Project Runway All Stars with Alyssa Milano as the host.

Photos and videos provided by Lauren Weigle/

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Wow, thank you for ruining the finale for me by including the winner in the your title!
I appreicate it so much.

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