WATCH: Katy Perry Roars on Good Morning America for Her Birthday

Katy Perry celebrates her birthday today in a huge way … on the Good Morning America stage … in Lakewood, Colorado, where their high school mascot is the tiger.

Dressed as a Lakewood cheerleader with backup cheerleaders, Perry was extremely excited as she made her way through the crowd to the stage. Accompanied by the class of Lakewood High School from Colorado, Katy Perry “roared” with the crowd at the school.

Watch the video below to see how Lakewood High School got picked to host Katy Perry’s birthday performance.

Kicking things off with her hit “Roar,” Perry and her cheerleader dancers rocked the stage at Lakewood High. Perry’s second performance was her latest single “Walking On Air,” followed by “Firework.” Watch Perry’s “Walking On Air” performance below.

And now check out “Firework” …

At the end of it all, Perry was presented with a delicious-looking “Roar” cake to celebrate her birthday.

Check out some of the excited tweets made by some of the high school students …

Now check out some more tweets of Perry’s high school appearance:

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