Marcia Wallace, Simpsons Star Passes: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


On Friday, beloved Simpsons actress Marcia Wallace passed away at the age of 70. Her death was confirmed today by Simpsons producer Al Jean who said she was “brilliant and gracious,” and that her famous character, Edna Krabappel, was “irreplaceable.”

She died on complications from breast cancer.

Here is what you need to know about her life and career:

1. She’s Best Know for Her Role as Edna Krabappel

Wallace will probably be best remember for the role she played for 23 years, Bart and Lisa Simpson’s elementary school teacher Edna Krabappel. Wallace won an Emmy for playing the part in 1992 and her catchphrases and signature laugh are unforgettable, listen to a montage of it above.

2. She Was Also a Regular on The Bob Newhart Show


Wallace played the receptionist, Carol Kester, in the poplar Bob Newhart Show which ran from 1972 to 1978.

3. She Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer in 1985

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1985, Wallace became an outspoken advocate in support of research for cancer. Wallace, who has won numerous awards for her courage and charity work, also lost her husband, Dennis Hawley to pancreatic cancer in 1992.

4. She Has a Memoir

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 5.53.07 PM

In 2004, Wallace published a book about her childhood, coping with cancer, and her husbands death.

5. Krabappel Will be Retired


R.I.P. Edna, you will be missed.

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