Mariel Hemingway: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Known for her role in Manhattan & as Ernest Hemingway’s granddaughter, Mariel Hemingway will soon be the subject of a documentary called Running From Crazy. Here’s 5 Facts You Need to Know about Mariel and the upcoming documentary film, Running From Crazy.

1. She is Famous for Her Role in Woody Allen’s Manhattan & for Being Ernest Hemingway’s Granddaughter

Mariel first made it to mainstream success in her role in Woody Allen’s film, Manhattan. In the movie she plays a young Elaine, who is 17 years old, and for a period in the movie, Woody’s love interest. This would later be creepily reflected in her personal life, when Woody came out as sleeping with someone who was virtually his daughter.

In any case, Mariel is a wonderful actress in the movie and plays the role brilliantly. She claims in an interview with CBS that this was her first kiss saying that after she awkwardly delivered her initial smooch “I looked at Gordy Willis , the cameraman, and I go ‘I don’t have to do that again, do I? He goes ‘No, we got it.’ I was, like, ‘Oh, thank God!’ Poor Woody. He probably would’ve loved another kiss.”

Mariel Hemingway is also the daughter of Jack Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway’s eldest son, who was also a writer.

2. Mariel is Recently Making Headlines for Her Role in Running From Crazy

According to an IMDB description written anonymously, the film is about Mariel achieving a greater understanding of her family’s history of suicide and mental illness. It uses archival footage of the family and examines the Hemingway legacy. Mariel, over the course of the film, comes to terms with her family’s past, and hidden secrets emerge. Through the journey, she finds a way to overcome what she seems destined to be, and “discovers an inner strength and peace.”

The film has been screened at several big film festivals, including at Sundance 2013.

She was recently interviewed by CBS news about her life and the film.

3. Seven of Mariel Hemingway’s Family Members Committed Suicide

Margaux Hemingway, sister to Mariel and one of seven family members to commit suicide. Image Credit: Wikipedia

Margaux Hemingway, sister to Mariel and one of seven family members to commit suicide. Image Credit: Wikipedia

In the CBS interview, the interviewer asks Mariel how many family members of hers have committed suicide. She says, “Ernest’s father [Clarence] committed suicide; my grandfather, Ernest, committed suicide. My great-grandfather on my grandmother’s side. My great-uncle Leicester. My great-aunt Ursula. And my uncle [Gregory]. And then there is my sister.”

Still, Mariel has been able to find the bright side of life. She would avoid getting dragged down by “spend[ing] a lot of time outside, hiking,” and that she lived in the “land of the crazy,” according to

4. Mariel’s Sister, Margaux, Was Catapulted to Fame & Was the Highest Paid Supermodel in the World

The Hemingways, daughters of Jack Hemingway, Ernest’s eldest son, lived in a small town in Idaho called Ketchum. Margaux ran as soon as she could and was catapulted to fame, becoming the highest-paid supermodel in the world.

In 1976, she received a huge opportunity and was cast as the main role in a movie called Lipstick. She asked her younger sister, Mariel, to play in the film; Mariel ended up playing it brilliant and this is what eventually led her to be recognized by Woody Allen to play in Manhattan.

5. Mariel is Currently 51, Has 2 Successful Daughters, and a Boyfriend, Bobby Williams

Mariel lives with her boyfriend, Bobby Williams. Together, they have co-authored several self-help books.

Mariel Hemingway and her daughters. Image Credit: Getty Images

Mariel Hemingway and her daughters. Image Credit: Getty Images

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