WATCH: ‘Little Wrecking Ball,’ a Miley Cyrus, Mumford and Sons Mashup

YouTuber Isonine takes great pleasure in remixing very different artists. In the past, he has remixed Justin Bieber and Slipknot, and Korn and Taylor Swift, and my personal fave Zedd, Pendulum, Rob Swire, and B.O.B.

In this remix, he has taken ubiquitous pop sensation Miley Cyrus’ single, Wrecking Ball, and the dated (but classic) Little Lion Man, from Mumford and Sons. It’s an interesting contrast. On the one hand, you have Mumford and Sons’ folk instrumentation strumming along pleasantly. Wrecking Ball, on the other hand, is wrought with pop-perfection and has more soul than the average hit (certainly more than We Can’t Stop, anyway)>.

In some ways the mash-up highlights what’s great about both tunes — not sure that it’s better than either original, but it’s definitely an interesting listen.

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