Olivia Black Sues Pawn Stars Over Being Fired from Show

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After two seasons of Pawn Stars, Olivia Black was hired and appeared mainly on the night shifts with co-worker and star Chumlee. A press release was sent out today in regards to the details of how Olivia was let go. The statement discusses what happened after Olivia was hired:

Fourteen months later, at the height of her popularity on the show, some of the media began to take notice of Olivia’s previous modeling career and came across a nude photo shoot. Soon Olivia noticed a distance in communication with herself and Leftfield Pictures. While getting ready for the night shift one day, Olivia received a phone call at her house from Leftfield Pictures and with no further explanation they informed her she will no longer be on Pawn Stars.

When we spoke with her PR, they were kind enough to give us a detailed statement on how Olivia is feeling right now:

Olivia has missed seeing her fans from Pawn Stars as much as they’ve missed seeing her. Her firing was abrupt and unfortunate and I think the public deserves more answers. Olivia is ready to address this situation and she will still be moving forward with her national tour. ~Domenick Nati (Nati Celebrity Services)

Olivia is going over her options to file a lawsuit of discrimination against the show.

We wish both Olivia and the Pawn Stars cast the best.

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