Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Recap 10/6/13: Top 10 Highlights

It’s the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Part 1 and everyone is on fire! Check out the Top 10 Highlights on what happened!

1. Caroline Manzo Addresses Cheating Rumors About Her Husband

In the first 10 minutes of the reunion, Teresa’s fraud charges are brought up, Caroline’s feud with her sister is talked about, and host Andy Cohen asks Caroline Manzo about the latest news surrounding her husband. Allegedly, Albert Manzo has cheated on his longtime wife. Caroline’s response is that a person is a fool to think cheating could never happen to them, but it’s strange the way she words her thoughts. Nonetheless, she says she’s asked her husband many times and he says he has always been faithful.

2. Melissa Gets Accused of Having a Deal With the Tabloids

Teresa makes an accusation that Melissa has deals with certain tabloids to give them negative stories about Teresa so they won’t write bad stories about her.

3. Ashley Holmes Is Back!

Jacqueline Laurita’s previously troublesome daughter Ashley is living back at home. Supposedly, Ashley is no longer a problem and has done a complete turnaround. Will Ashley be back on the show next season?

4. A Bromance Is Revealed …

Apparently, Rosie and Joe Gorga enjoy getting drunk together … a lot. The two share a crazy, silly bond that is purely hilarious as Andy Cohen shows a variety of unseen footage of the two at their best, meaning their drunkest and most ridiculous moments.

5. Joe Gorga Says His Fight With Joe Giudice Was the Best Thing to Happen

When talking about the fight between the two Joes, Joe Gorga confesses that he thinks the fight was the best thing that could have happen. It made him realize that he loves Joe Giudice and it gave him the ability to forgive.

6. Rosie Molests Her Cousin

It’s brought up that some fans found Richie Wakile grabbing cousin Rosie’s boobs on the show to be disgusting. Richie’s wife Kathy says they’re a close family and they all touch. With that, Rosie reaches between her cousin Joe Gorga’s legs. Rosie grabs Gorga’s penis and rubs it, shocking everyone.

7. Kathy’s Husband Richie Refuses to Come to the Reunion

Apparently, Richie had no desire to come to the reunion and declined when asked. Do you think it had anything to do with his recent fiery tweets to critical fans? Who knows? Whatever the case, he seems very happy about his decision.

8. Teresa Is Confronted About Her Relationship to the Infamous Penny

Teresa still denies being friends with Penny and the group cannot understand. At the same time, Andy Cohen asks Teresa why she’s still friends with Kim D., who is an enemy to the rest of the women. Teresa then says that everyone likes Kim D., which clearly is not the case. Finally, Teresa says she doesn’t want to have enemies, so she chooses to keep her friendship with Kim.

9. Teresa Confesses to a Lie

Caroline Manzo starts off a conversation saying that she doesn’t believe she’s heard much truth this season when it comes to Melissa and Teresa fighting. Then, Caroline reveals that Teresa wrote a lie in her blog about Caroline after their trip to Arizona. Teresa wrote that Caroline was miserable the entire trip and fought with her husband the whole time. This was apparently untrue. Teresa actually admits that she wrote it on purpose because she was angry at Caroline. However, Teresa insists she didn’t make it up and that she had heard it from someone else. Hmmm … First Teresa owns up and then steps back a little bit.

10. Scenes From Part 2 Are Shown

Next week, the mysterious murder of Caroline’s father-in-law is brought up once again, all the legal issues surround the Giudices are finally discussed, and Caroline unleashes her anger on Teresa.