Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Part 1 Live Blog 10/6/13

Who’s ready for Part 1 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion?

It’s nice to see that Jacqueline and Teresa are still friends again. 8:03pm

I like that they’re starting right away with Teresa’s fraud charges. 8:03pm

And, Caroline addresses the alleged cheating scandal surrounding her and her husband. She says that someone is a fool if they think it could never happen, but her husband hasn’t cheated. 8:07pm

Teresa says her husband Joe never cheated on her, though Jacqueline brought it up at the last reunion. 8:08pm

Dina Manzo is brought up out of nowhere. 8:08pm

Now Andy’s talking about Melissa’s book and all the controversy surrounding it. 8:14pm

Having a thought … did Melissa get a nose job? Thinking yes … 8:17pm

Why is Melissa such a big target? Melissa thinks Jan is angry that her salon wasn’t put on the air. 8:19pm

Andy’s getting spicy tonight with his funny comments …

Whoa! Teresa says Melissa has a deal with tabloids to feed them negative stories about Teresa so that they won’t write bad stories about Melissa, but it sounds fishy … 8:21pm

Kathy’s hubby fires back at fans all the time on Twitter and she defends her man! 8:27pm

Big Announcement: Ashley is living back home with Jacqueline! Will there be a lot more Ashley next season?! 8:28pm

Every time Jacqueline talks about her Autistic son, I cry. 8:29pm

For more info on Jacqueline’s son and how she deals with it, check out my interview with her by clicking right here. 8:31pm

And Jacqueline wins the crown for most plastic surgery! 8:32pm

Here come the two Joes!!!!!!!!!! 8:36pm

Joe Gorga shaved his head. 8:36pm

Melissa and Joe sold their home for full asking price. 8:36pm

Teresa says she’s been hanging out at her own shore house and not making much effort to hang out with her sister-in-law Melissa. 8:41pm

Caroline Manzo says Melissa always has her guard up around Teresa. 8:41pm

Nothing from Joe Giudice so far … 8:41pm

And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Rosie! 8:42pm

Ragin’ Rosie’s wearin’ pearls tonight lol. 8:42pm

Rosie and Joe Gorga’s bromance is shown … pretty hilarious. 8:43pm

Joe Gorga needing Pepto during a commercial break makes my day. 8:50pm

And here comes the Joe fight. 8:54pm

Yep, Melissa definitely got a nose job. 8:55pm

Joe Gorga says the fight with Joe Giudice was the best thing that ever happened, saying it made him realize he loves Joe Giudice. 8:56pm

Rosie just grabbed Joe Gorga’s package and rubbed it … Check please! 8:57pm

Uh oh … What does Teresa know about Melissa Gorga? 9:00pm

Dr. V!!!!!!!!! 9:01pm

Andy Cohen asks Teresa why she’s still friends with Kim D? 9:07pm

Andy Cohen breaks it down for Teresa, trying to get Teresa to fess up about feeding lies and stories to the mischievous Penny about Melissa. 9:10pm

Dr. V is back … and with extensions. 9:16pm

Does Dr. V just like to curse to sound cool? Love her, but I’m leaning towards yes … 9:18pm

Caroline tells it like it is … Calling out Teresa and Melissa. 9:21pm

Whoa! Teresa womans up, saying she wrote a lie about Caroline in her blog on purpose because she was mad at her. Housewives’ history right here! 9:23pm

Now the women are hammering on Teresa to stop trying to attack others when she feels hurt … lashing out instead of coming to the actual person. 9:29pm

Stay tuned until Part 2 of the reunion next Sunday. 9:30pm