‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Reunion Part 2 Live Blog 10/13/13

RHONJ Reunion Party 2, Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Part 2, RHONJ Part Two Live Blog


It’s the second part of the RHONJ Reunion and tonight’s supposed to be a big one! Therefore, this post is going to be a live blog and recap all rolled into one. Enjoy!

Things are light on the set so far … but Part 2 is just beginning. 8:02pm

Caroline Manzo insists on Twitter that tonight will be crazy …

Joe Guidice says that he had never used the c*nt word until the one episode last season … Hmm … Do you believe it? 8:07pm

Everyone’s kissing Rosie … Joe Giudice even goes in for the kill … 8:10pm

Joe Gorga says he believes Joe Giudice isn’t really involved in the craziness, just that Teresa gets too competitive and starts problems behind their backs. Giudice then jumps in to defend Teresa and says it’s ridiculous to think that and that the two of them each look stupid when all is said and done. 8:12pm

Off topic, but still convinced Melissa Gorga got a nose job. 8:18pm

Back to the christening … 8:18pm

Joe says he joined the show to get closer to his sister and he lost his mind on the day of the christening because he thought Teresa was only talking to him because the cameras were there. 8:19pm

Rosie jumps in and tells Teresa to just own the stuff she does wrong and that’s it. 8:20pm

Caroline Manzo talks about her deceased father-in-law. 8:20pm

Caroline describes her father-in-law as harsh, but just as loving and she gets offended by accusations that her family has mafia connections. 8:21pm

She says that no one knows how her father-in-law died and they don’t want to know. Caroline says she never wants to know because she doesn’t want to go back to that moment. But, she says that his death is very suspect. 8:23pm

Andy looked quite uncomfortable when Caroline said that anyone who can’t understand how she feels about her father-in-law’s death can “f themselves.” 8:24pm

Teresa and Joe’s legal issues are on the table … 8:27pm

Joe got his license back, folks! 8:30pm

Jacqueline and Melissa each apologize to Joe for saying they wanted him to go to jail in the past … 8:31pm

Andy asks Caroline if she thinks Teresa is to blame for the couple’s legal issues and of course she will not pin it on anyone. 8:32pm

Caroline goes off on a tangent that’s actually pretty nice and understanding about Joe and Teresa. Then she says she really doesn’t like to talk about their legal issues. 8:34pm

Teresa told her brother, Melissa, and Jacqueline about their legal problems when they got back from the Arizona trip. 8:34pm

Andy asks Melissa and Joe if they would take care of Teresa’s children should she and her husband go to prison … and then it’s a commercial break! 8:36pm

Melissa and Joe both say that if they were ever asked to take care of Teresa and Joe’s children, they would do it. 8:40pm

Joe Gorga says he doesn’t know what to say to his brother-in-law about everything that’s going on. 8:41pm

Melissa gets emotional, feeling sad for Teresa and Joe’s daughters that will have to suffer in the situation. 8:42pm

Teresa admits that she worries all the time, she cries herself to sleep, and she just tries to be strong every day so that she keeps her family together. 8:43pm

Andy then compliments Joe Giudice on his warmth as a person and asks him how he feels, to which he says he has to try to be strong as well. 8:44pm

Jacqueline cries that she feels awful for Teresa and her family, knowing how scared she must be. She also says that Teresa must be one of the strongest people she’s ever known. 8:46pm

Instead of fights, there are just a lot of tears this episode … 8:47pm

Nevermind, the preview of what’s to come after the commercial shows Caroline yelling … back on track. 8:48pm

Melissa wishes she would have filmed more with Teresa and their kids this season. 8:56pm

Teresa just started a fight with Caroline over nothing. 8:57pm

Teresa says everyone all chimes in against her. The reunion was just about to end with everyone sweet and on each other’s side and now it’s all down the drain … 8:58pm

After Teresa doing this, Caroline is done with Teresa. 8:59pm

And, until next season … 9:00pm

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