Ryan Reynolds Stuns Passengers by Stripping Off Shirt on Flight

Ryan Reynolds Stripped on Flight, Ryan Reynolds Takes Off Sweater on Airplane, Ryan Reynolds Shirtless


Women (and some men) aboard Delta Flight #1715 at 7 p.m. on Sunday, October 13, from New York’s Laguardia Airport to New Orleans, got to live out their biggest fantasy as Ryan Reynolds unexpectedly stripped while in flight. Well, the real story is that a drunk woman sitting in the first class seat right in front of Reynolds vomited all over his cashmere sweater. A witness told Radar Online:

About two-thirds of the way into the flight, a young lady in front of him in 1D vomited toward her window, which then spewed back all over Ryan’s beige cashmere sweater. She had clearly had too much to drink, causing her to be sick.

Supposedly, Reynolds took off his vomit-stained sweater and then managed to find a cleaner shirt. But, he made quite a few passengers very excited in the process. Wife Blake Lively was sitting next to Reynolds when the incident occurred. The couple were on their way to New Orleans where Reynolds will be filming a new movie called Selfless. When the plane landed, the two stars were taken off the plane quickly by airport security.

And, find a photo of the couple leaving the airport after they exited the airplane in New Orleans in the below tweet. It looks like they traded hats since they left the plane …

Poor, Ryan … But, we’re jealous of those fortunate passengers who got their own Ryan Reynolds Chip ‘N Dales show. Oh, and we’re jealous of cutie Blake Lively on a daily basis. Cross your fingers that this incident doesn’t steer the couple away from flying commercial anymore.

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