Selena Gomez Suffers Performance Malfunction on ‘The View’

Selena Gomez has been making the rounds with her song “Slow Down” and today was her performance and interview on The View.

After Selena Gomez’s interview with the women on The View, the show went to a commercial break, but when the show returned for Selena Gomez to perform, there seemed to be a problem and things got a little awkward. There appeared to be technical difficulties with the track or Gomez’s earpiece as Gomez exclaimed “Crap,” and tried to explain what was going on to the audience. After about a minute, which seemed like an eternity due to the intense awkwardness, Jenny McCarthy came onstage to announce that they would fix the problem while cutting to a commercial break.

Well, after a flubbed beginning with whatever the malfunction was, Selena Gomez carried on like a trooper. Watch the performance above.

This wasn’t the first time that Selena had an issue while performing “Slow Down.” Watch the video below where Selena falls off the stage during her performance in Virginia. Watch around minute marker 3:26.

Anyway … Now let’s talk about Gomez’s interview on the show today. First, Selena Gomez sat down and dished a bit about her little baby sister, talking about how she’s protective, so she doesn’t post photos about her on her site, etc. She then moves on to talking about her new album, which is actually her fourth. Afterwards, Selena addresses the rumors that she will no longer be making music and she lets everyone know she loves both music and acting. She will continue to try to balance both.

Another treat was Selena opening up about her friendship with Taylor Swift, how they love to pig out and always sit next to each other at awards shows. Then, a somewhat embarrassing photo of Gomez is shown of her posing with Barney the purple dinosaur.

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So, what was the best part of Gomez’s appearance on the show today? Well, if you tweet about it, you could win a trip to watch her perform. Check out the details in Selena Gomez’s tweet below.

And, by the sound of Gomez’s tweet, it looks like she’ll be performing again tonight on David Letterman. Donald Trump will also be a guest.

Stay tuned for the video of Gomez’s performance on The View. In the meantime, here’s a funny little note about The View’s Twitter account. See if you can notice the big mistake they made in the below tweet about their guest Selena Gomez.

If you thought that was all the Selena news we had to day, how about this? …

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