The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Recap: Top 10 Highlights You Need to Know (SPOILER ALERT)

The Walking Dead

Man…what an episode. We just sat through the first episode of The Walking Dead’s fourth season and now we’re ready to get a taste of everything that’s going to happen from here on out. We’re going to recap the most important details of this monumental debut for the best zombie drama on TV today.

1. The Prison Yard Has Been Turned Into a Makeshift Farm…That’s Surrounded By Even More Zombies

There’s been 30 days without any incident at the prison. The outside of the prison is even more packed with zombies, while the new community of people gathered from The Governor’s former fort have taken refuge within the prison’s confines. The prison’s inside gates have been transformed into a farm, with pigs being prepped for food, horses being stationed and plants/fruits begin grown. Rick and his new family of survivors are trying to make their own food so they don’t have to head outside the gates so much. A pig named Violet is being prepped for food and the rest of the survivors are taking out the zombies near the prison gate. Rick and his son share some father-son banter, so it looks like their relationship is healing itself.

2. Rick Came Across Somebody New During His Trek Through the Woods

While Rick was venturing outside the prison, he came across a woman who was pleading for food and shelter. She explained her case for being out there – her husband and her have been forced to eat disgusting things and live in the woods. Rick hands he some food after she pleads to him for something to eat. She asks Rick to let her and her husband join the prison crew, but Rick asks to meet the rest of her group before that can happen. Rick then follows her back to her camp, so her and her husband can answer three questions. Only then can they enter the camp (if they answer correctly…)

3. The Crew Got Into a Harrowing Situation That Included Zombies Dropping Through the Ceiling

A couple of survivors (Sasha, Michonne, Darryl, Glenn etc.) went outside the prison to look for supplies. A couple of new members come along for this trip. Everyone enters the supermarket and searches, when all of a sudden a rack of alcoholic drinks come crashing down on one member of the crew. That rack of drinks happens to come down, thanks to one of the survivors checking out some wine he was eyeing. The zombies on the roof of the market hear that crash and start heading off the roof. The roof begins to cave in thanks to the helicopter that’s on top of it, which also makes the zombies come crashing down around the crew. One zombie is seen hanging by it’s bodily entrails as everyone gets their weapons ready for a zombie assault. Mayhem ensues as everyone starts to kill off this flood of the undead.

4. A Survivor Got Killed

Beth’s boyfriend gets chewed to bits and dies a very painful death. One ankle bite and a lil’ neck nibble later, then he’s gone. The dude he got trapped under the rack of drinks gets saved by Darryl, thankfully. One member of the crew has died already. Everyone heads out as more zombies come crashing through the roof.

5. That New Woman Rick Met? She Tried to Kill Him!

When Rick gets back to the camp with the woman he encountered in the woods, something unexpected occurs – SHE TRIED TO KNIFE HIM! She misses and Rick points his gun at her. Rick was scared to take his gun outside the prison walls, but Hershel’s urgent meeting with him makes him reconsider. Rick speaks with the woman, who proceeds to commit suicide. Before her last breath, the woman answers Rick’s questions. She killed a few zombies, but the only person she killed was herself. When asked why she answered, “You don’t get to come back…” It also turns out her husband was already dead. She was brought to her breaking point after everything she went through…

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6. Carol’s Teaching the Kids How to Kill with a Knife

Storybook time with Carol ends up become Knife Survival 101. One of the new kids, Patrick, skips this class because he says he’s sick. Carl walks in on this occurrence, but Carol advises him to keep it a secret that Rick shouldn’t know. Patrick heads off to an unknown location…

7. Michonne’s Looking for Somewhere Else to Take Refuge in, It Seems

Back in the prison cells, Michonne’s looking at a map that shows Macon, Georgia. It looks like she’s looking for someplace else to call her home. Or she could be could on the trail of The Governor. Maybe…

8. There’s A Couple Looking to Have a Child

Maggie and Glenn are back in their cell talking. Maggie announces that she’s not pregnant to Glenn. Earlier during the supermarket scene, Glenn spots a baby photo-op ad. It seems like he’s ready to bring someone new into the world. Maggie notes that she really didn’t want to have a child yet. She’s afraid of the consequences of birthing one in this world. Glenn disagrees, of course. Looks like Maggie and Glenn have to try again at this baby making thing again…

9. Beth Doesn’t React Much to Her Boyfriend’s Death

Darryl comes to tell Beth that her boyfriend died back at the supermarket. Beth then proceeds to set her custom sign back to 0 (30 Days Without Incident). Beth says that she doesn’t cry anymore when someone’s lost, yet Darryl is quite tired of losing more people. She takes it quite well, which catches Darryl by surprise. Her and Darryl share a heartwarming moment as they hug it out. Afterwards, Rick and Hershel talk about what transpired with the woman in the woods.

10. Patrick Died, Turned into a Zombie and Infected The Water Supply

Patrick walks off onto the part of the prison that holds the water supply. He coughs all over the water supply, then turns the water faucet on to wash himself off. He then passes out and dies. The camera zooms in and catches a glimpse of him changing into a zombie. It looks like the water supply is now dirty and filled with those zombie germs. What could this mean for the rest of the people who drink the water?