Breaking Bad Fans Have Funeral for Walter White [VIDEO]

“Breaking Bad” fans (ahem, fanatics) got some closure for the demise of the main character of the series, Walter White, as an Albuquerque steakhouse hosted a faux funeral for the critically-acclaimed antihero.

The event kicked off with an almost traditional procession, a hearse accompanied by, you guessed it, White’s trusty RV/meth-lab. The service happened at the Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery and “Breaking Bad” set decorator, Michael Flowers, delivered the eulogy, which was really more of a sincere testament to the power of the show.

Still, if you were holding out for someone pretending to give an actual eulogy for the fictional man, this happened at the event too. Below is a colleague of Walter’s, a biology teacher at his school, saying his sincere condolences.

A past student of Walter White also read a poem:

and White’s doctor even had a few things to say:

Lest you think this fandom was just a bit over the top, the event raised over $17,000 for Healthcare for the Homeless, an Albuquerque charity, which almost everyone agreed was a good thing, short of a few nay-sayers who felt the touristy nature of the event was a bit offensive to be at a place where dead people are buried.

Then again, they’re not being very respectful to Walter White. Also, $17,000 does more than a little good. Think of all the meth you could buy, or also homeless you could help, that too.

Interested in donating? You can pitch in to help the homeless in the good meth doctor’s name at

RIP Walter White.

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