The time has come!!!!!!!!!! It’s officially 1D Day! Throughout the livestream we will be updating you with the goings-on, performances, celebrity guests, and more! Feel free to refresh the page for continuing updates or just sit back and enjoy the livestream.

Also, feel free to tweet to us using @NYCPRTeam with updates, app special content, photos, or anything else having to do with 1D Day and maybe you’ll see your tweet up in this post throughout the event!

One Direction dancing to Talk Dirty – 1D Daythis is from 1D Day with One Direction dancing to the song "Talk Dirty" by Jason Derulo which you can buy on itunes along with his album "Tattoos" the link to it below. I do not own any of this, this is from 1D Day and with Jason's songs

And, on Monday night at 9 p.m. EST, One Direction will be live streaming their iHeartRadio Album Release Party, so check back at for the live stream and updates!

Now, let the updates begin …

And that’s the show!

Michael Buble with One Direction singing “White Christmas.” 9:31pm

Holy crap. A giant One Direction float in Canada! 9:28pm

Singapore fan video and then a performance from the boys. 9:25pm

Jerry Springer’s final thought was filled with One Direction song names. 9:23pm

The fans get to blindfold the boys for a pin-the-hair on the One Direction boy game. 9:19pm

43 seconds to carry the boys across the room. 9:12pm

Louis smacked his bodyguard’s butt the whole way … 9:11pm

The boys’ security guard has to carry each of the boys across their room in a timed game … 9:09pm

Ooh it looks like the live stream is running over time! More than 7 hours! 9:00pm

The boys team up with fans for a game hosted by Jerry Springer … but first, Springer lets Louis know that he is actually his biological grandfather. 8:59pm

Finally, Jerry Springer! 8:57pm

And $1,000,000 was raised for Anti-Bullying Awareness. 8:56pm

Acts of Kindness by 1D fans … a lot of anti-bullying campaigns. 8:53pm

Just a few minutes left of 1D Day … 8:53pm

And now a clip of “You & I.” 8:52pm

Liam is next and Zayn may not be on the chopping block tonight. Singapore is on now … Liam gets it right so he gets Hunan-style rice. The bad food is revealed to be chocolate covered marmite? Not sure what that is or if I have the spelling right. Anyone else know? 8:49pm

Malaysia is in the house for Louis … Louis gets it right! He gets Indonesian chicken satay to eat instead of pig’s feet. This results in a food fight. 8:47pm

Niall’s up for an Indonesian trivia question … Niall gets it wrong. Uh oh. Niall’s faced with a meal of sheep’s brains rather than some delicious fried rice. He actually eats it and doesn’t look too happy, comparing it to cat food. 8:45pm

Now it’s Harry’s turn … He has to answer a question about Taiwan. He gets the answer correct and gets a Thai iced tea. The funny part is he doesn’t like it … and that was the good food item. The bad item was a tuna milkshake … Ew. 8:42pm

If Zayn had gotten it wrong, he would have had to eat deep-fried grasshopper. Both Niall and Harry feast on the grass-hoppers just for the hell of it. Yuck. 8:40pm

Zayn gets the first question correct and he gets a delicious Korean dish to eat. 8:39pm

And now a food-based game for the guys. Uh Oh. 8:38pm

Now a promo for the boys’ DVD, which comes out Christmas … 8:32pm

The boys congratulate Cowell on his unborn child and they give him onesies with their faces on them. Then, Lauren, Cowell’s baby mama joins them. 8:31pm

Simon Cowell sits down with the boys for a little chat. 8:27pm

The boys play rock, paper, scissors with fans … 8:21pm

All the boys are back! 8:18pm

Less than an hour to go … 8:18pm

The boys are now performing my personal favorite … “Little Things.” 8:15pm

And more behind-the-scenes footage from the boys’ tour … intro for the boys’ musicians. 8:09pm

Enter Bollywood … 8:06pm

A kiddie pool of ducks to reveal names of some sort … fans to follow on Twitter. 8:04pm

Phillipines request … Louis and Zayn do a yo-yo trick? 8:02pm

Now is a video of all the boys’ best footage playing sports from tennis to surfing to goofing off … 7:53pm

And Zayn wins a Japanese sword while Louis wins a Japanese wig lol. 7:52pm

Zayn and Louis throw stars at targets and Zayn dominates! 7:51pm

Zayn and Louis are being taught the art of being a ninja … 7:47pm

And we’re back … 7:44pm

Uh oh. The live stream seems to have crashed … 7:43pm

Olly Murrs and John Mayer make appearances on the boys’ tour … 7:39pm

The down-side of the job is trying to get Harry up for a workout. 7:37pm

And now a short video of the boys’ last 24 hours of their tour … in Japan. 7:37pm

Thurs is back rapping tweets again … 7:35pm

Soon the boys are coming out to perform! 7:34pm

South America to the tune “Kiss You” … Love it! 7:31pm

Zayn’s sister tunes in to ask him what his favorite video is and he replies with “Kiss You” while Louis’ is “Story Of My Life.” 7:30pm

Kermit and Miss Piggy tune in to promote their new movie and ask Zayn and Louis what they like to have in their dressing rooms … 7:29pm

The Randomizer … Celine Dion asks the boys if they’re superstitious at all … 7:29pm

That was a tough one … Only 9 shirts for Zayn. 7:26pm

Zayn wearing and Louis assisting … 7:24pm

The most t-shirts put on by a team of two … Will Louis and Zayn be able to beat 31 in one minute. 7:22pm

Another Guiness World Record attempt coming up … 7:21pm

Zayn is answering every question wrong on purpose … but apparently his answers are all correct lol. 7:20pm

Louis got 10 questions right … Now it’s Zayn’s turn. 7:19pm

Zayn and Louie are being quizzed right now … 7:18pm

Now a short clip of “Little Black Dress.” 7:12pm

Back to the listening booth … Two German fans enjoy the new album. 7:11pm

After checking out some Zayn artwork, the boys drop in on some more google+ hangouts. 7:05pm

Louis and Zayn arrive for Hour 6 on a bicycle built for two. 7:03pm

Can you imagine if your teachers were singing in a video for One Direction like these ones are …? 7:01pm

The One Direction boys in their Mario karts …. 6:57pm

Dynamo is back again … 6:53pm

A choir will now be singing fan tweets … 6:50pm

And now it’s the making of “Story Of My Life.” So cute. 6:45pm

Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls asks a question, but the boys don’t answer it lol … 6:40pm

Khloe Kardashian appears via video to ask Harry and Niall what their favorite items in their closets are … 6:39pm

Harry is attempting pottery right now and the creation will be auctioned off for charity … 6:36pm

And now a little listen of “Little White Lies.” 6:33pm

The guys have a fun moment with a seriously awkward Google+ hangout where the girls don’t realize they’re on TV. 6:31pm

Australia, Baby! 6:25pm

A new selfie challenge … take a photo of yourself with any One Direction decor you have in your room. 6:25pm

Very cute interviews with Niall’s former principal, his grandmother, his mother, his father, his brother … 6:23pm

Now we venture to Ireland to see a fan documentary about Niall. 6:20pm

Harry and Niall ride in on segways for Hour 5. 6:19pm

And Liam dominates the wrestling ring … lol. 6:15pm

Liam the Payne Train … 6:13pm

Let’s all pray for Liam … about to wrestle against a huge professional wrestler. 6:12pm

Hour 4 Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6:05pm

22 Again … I bet with practice he could do it. 6:01pm

Because they were so close, they are trying 1 more time… They popped 22 balloons and they need to pop 27. 5:58pm

Time for another world record …sitting on balloons … 5:55pm

And now a look at Louis playing soccer (football). 5:50pm

Finland fans put together a fan book for the boys and the guys are flipping through it … 5:49pm

And now another google hangout … 5:39pm

Liam and Zayn play “Feel the Entourage.” Blindfolded, they each touch members of their entourage and try to figure out who they are. 5:35pm

Liam confesses he jumped off that same building when he was in NZ. 5:31pm

New Zealand fans jump off a building to show their One Direction love … OMG scary … 5:30pm

Zayn and Liam bust in on their listening booth fans and the two girls tell them their favorite song is “Strong.” 5:29pm

The boys check out 1D Day selfies from fans online … 5:28pm

“Better Than Words” … do you love the song? 5:26pm

And now pick up lines by One Direction … using lyrics to pick up women … or try to … 5:23pm

Tune in to this week when the boys perform on Good Morning America!

And the fart pants win! 5:18pm

Liam talks about how his pants were stolen, but he says he actually did get his pants back. The pants were laying on the balcony to dry after a swim in the ocean. 5:18pm

The third invention is the deodorizing 1D boxers … 5:17pm

Second invention is a battery-operated 1D pillow … 5:16pm

1D Kube is the first invention … 5:14pm

One Big Invention is coming up! 5:12pm

Brazil in the house with One Direction, signing a soccer (football) ball for the boys … 5:10pm

Zayn and Liam have returned … with a skateboard … for Hour 4. 5:09pm

Hour 3 down! 5:09pm

Back to Dynamo … 5:02pm

Joining Louis and Niall is Rebecca, a beautiful opera singer who is singing some fan tweets … 4:56pm

And now, a look at Zayn and his graffiti passion … 4:54pm

Louis and Niall cutely dance together as the song plays … and then they take a moment to meet two fans outside their listening booth … 4:52pm

The boys from the band McFly join Niall and Louis … McFly and Niall wrote a song together … It’s time to hear it. It’s called “Don’t Forget Where You Belong.” 4:51pm

The live link-ups … Louis tells Niall they shouldn’t do them anymore because they just don’t work out … Now it’s time to watch a video of 1D fans … 4:46pm

Louis and Niall tune in to X Factor, struggling with the delay once again … 4:43pm

Louis and Niall crash a few google+ hangouts … 4:40pm

Aw, because of the immense technical difficulties, Louis and Niall had to cut their interview with Doctor Who very short … Poor guys … 4:36pm

Ha ha. The Boys call Simon Cowell … Simon Growl. 4:31pm

Doctor Who in the 1D Day house shortly … 4:31pm

A hello to One Direction from space … 4:29pm

The boys do their own version of The Janoskians “Talk Dirty To Me” … and they take off their shirts a lot. 4:28pm

A congratulatory message from singer Robbie Williams. Robbie wants to know who the best performer is that they’ve ever seen live … 4:23pm

Niall balanced 21 coins. A great effort. 4:21pm

Louis is failing, but Niall is taking the challenge very seriously … 4:20pm

Another Guiness World Record attempt for most coins balanced on the face. The record stands at 57 and it must be done standing up. Louis and Niall embrace the challenge. 4:19pm

A milkshake store does a tribute to the band for 1D Day. They’re making me hungry … 4:13pm

As per the request of Twitter followers with the hashtag #NiallDyeYourHairFor1DDay, Niall has tinted his hair in a lilac color. It’s probably a washable dye. 4:11pm

Louis and Niall are hosting now! Bye bye Liam and Harry. 4:10pm

Reminder: If you wants us to possibly include your 1D Day tweets here, be sure to tweet at @NYCPRTeam … 4:09pm

Uh oh. Technical difficulties as they show the “hour 2” highlights AGAIN. Sorry, Dynamo. 4:07pm

Louis, Niall, and Zayn must be napping as Liam and Harry host the show for a while now … 4:07pm

Two hours down … 5 To Go! 4:02pm

Dynamo returns for more magic. 4:00pm

So, who did Sweden pick? Liam is voted the best model … and he wants to walk the catwalk with Cindy for his prize. 3:59pm

Sweden T-Shirt Design Contest … The boys will model! 3:56pm

Liam is overwhelmed standing next to Cindy Crawford … 3:56pm

Liam and Harry are going to have a fashion walk-off… with tips from Cindy Crawford. 3:54pm

The boys will be taking off their clothes … for fashion. 3:51pm

Liam surfing… yes please. 3:48pm

And now some more Rap tweets … 3:47pm

Harry makes a mean sandwich … 3:47pm

Harry and the band’s chef Sarah in a cook-off! Styles vs. Sarah. 3:43pm

A short video now from Germany … 3:38pm

Another Guiness World Record attempt coming up soon … 3:37pm

We’ll forget the fact that Liam’s mic didn’t work in that last segment and watch this fan compilation video for “Best Song Ever.” 3:34pm

Harry tells fans that if he were to audition for the X Factor again, he would perform “Wrecking Ball” with a prop. 3:32pm

Now it’s time to hear their song “Happily.” 3:28pm

Two new people in the listening booth: one from Mexico, one from Japan. 3:27pm

Harry Styles gets in the listening booth with two fans and they’re in awe! 3:27pm

Switzerland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3:24pm

The magician Dynamo is here … 3:15pm

Shout out to France … 3:12pm

The best look-a-like from “Wrong Direction” has been voted as Zayn’s look-a-like. 3:10pm

Louis tells Piers that he doesn’t like reading rumors that some of the boys have died. 3:05pm

Piers asks Zayn about his new tattoo of a gun. Zayn says it’s a water gun. He also says the weirdest thing a girl’s done to impress them is …. hmm … it’s a tough one and they have no answer. But, Zayn names Niall as the cry baby of the group. He also fingers Liam as a crier.

Piers asks Harry if he’s dating Kendall Jenner and he’s very hesitant to completely answer the question. He says they did go out to dinner, but they’re not currently dating. 3:02pm

Niall is first up to be grilled by Piers Morgan … 3:00pm

The boys singing “Story Of My Life” live! To die for … 2:56pm

OMG … Tons of footage of the boys working out without their shirts on … Thank you! 2:54pm

Radio Disney on 1D Day! 2:47pm

Check out “Through the Dark” … 2:45pm

Meet Jamie, one of the song-writers for One Direction … 2:43pm

Shout out to Spain!!!! 2:39pm

One Direction will be performing “Story Of My Life” later! 2:36pm

Now it’s time for Wrong Direction. 2:30pm

He pulled the bus 31.20 meters … 2:29pm

A buff gentleman is going to pull a bus full of One Direction fans as much of a distance as he can … Oh boy! 2:27pm

And now some messages from One Direction’s Polish fans! 2:26pm

After a short video from fans, Rapper Thurs is on the mic. He’ll be rapping fans’ tweets … 2:25pm

Aw, the boys didn’t break the record … Better luck next time. 2:20pm

They have to beat 28! 2:18pm

The boys are competing to stack the tallest toilet paper roll tower in 30 seconds to beat the Guiness World Record. 2:17pm

Right now the boys are going to try to break a world record. 2:15pm

Scott Mills from BBC is quizzing the boys … 2:15pm

For their Italy fans, they’re showing an Italian women’s swim team, synchronized swimming routine to “Story Of My Life.” 2:09pm

The boys have a wheel for following Twitter followers … They just gave their first spin of who they’re going to follow! 2:08pm

Piers Morgan is here to grill the boys! 2:06pm

Cindy Crawford, Jerry Springer, Simon Cowell, Michael Buble, Piers Morgan, and more will be on! 2:05pm

David Beckham just wished the boys “good luck” via video. 2:03pm

It’s on!!!!!!!!! The boys are being announced like they’re in a sporting event! 2:02pm

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