Andy Kaufman Alive: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


At the Andy Kaufman awards Monday Night, a 24-year-old woman claiming to be Andy Kaufman’s daughter took the stage and said he was still alive. Here’s 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.

1. Andy’s Brother, Michael Kaufman Said He’s Not Sure

Michael Kaufman, Andy’s brother, took the stage at Gotham Comedy Club for the awards says TheComicsComic.

Michael told the story that when he cleaned Andy’s things out in 1984, he discovered an essay Andy had written about faking his own death, and how he’s eventually reappear Christmas Eve in 1999 at a certain restaurant.

When that day came, Michael went there and was given an envelope containing a letter purporting that Andy wanted to go into hiding and live a normal life, and that he had a daughter says The Huffington Post.

2. Michael Kaufman Expected Kaufman’s Daughter at the Awards

A month after the incident, Michael Kaufman received a call from a young woman saying that Andy was alive. She said that Andy was watching the awards from a distance.

Monday night at the Andy Kaufman awards, Michael asked the audience if that young woman had shown up. She did and made her way onstage.

3. Video of Kaufman’s Daughter is Eerie to Say the Least

Andy Kaufman — Video of Alleged Daughter — MY FATHER LIVES | TMZAndy Kaufman is still alive and his death in 1984 was a HOAX … so says a 24-year-old woman who claims to be his daughter … and we have video of the insane announcement. SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories dominating the entertainment news landscape and changed…2013-11-14T04:39:26.000Z

Kaufman’s daughter says in the video:

Well [Andy Kaufman] didn’t tell me specifically to impart anything, I just know that he’s so excited about this. I didn’t know that he watched all of the stuff. Then we had discussions and he said how much he cares about the awards and… I don’t know how much longer he can keep everything away… He was really, really thinking about coming. Something in him needs to come out.”

One audience member, however, reported that he knew that Andy’s daughter was a “theater student,” reports theComicsComic.

4.Killy Dwyer, an Andy Kaufman Award Finalist, Claimed Event Was a ‘Mindf*ck’

Dwyer wrote on her Facebook page following the event:

5. Kaufman Died 29 Years Ago

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