Drake is NOT Dating Rihanna: Actually Dating Zoe Kravitz?

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Rumors have been running that Drake has been dating Rihanna, especially after footage of the two going crazy at a strip club surfaced. However, Media Takeout is reporting that Rihanna and Drake are not dating. Drake’s alleged new girlfriend is actress Zoe Kravitz. Media Takeout reports an insider saying:

Drake is seeing Zoe Kravitz … I don’t know how serious a rapper on tour can be, but they are pretty serious from what I hear.

The insider also states:

Rihanna is definitely not anything that Drake cares for . . . if anything she’s side chick.

Now, there are always rumors and gossip going around, so who knows what the truth is? Drake has drooled over Rihanna to the media in the past, so do you think there’s really no feelings there?

What do you think?

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