WATCH: Maksim Chmerkovskiy is Back on Dancing With the Stars 2013

Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Good Morning AmericaMaksim Chmerkovsky joins the gang of 'Good Morning America' to discuss his turn as a guest judge of DWTS Semifinals on Monday November 18, 20132013-11-18T17:02:51.000Z

Tonight, Maks is back on Dancing With the Stars. Tune in here as we update throughout the night with play-by-plays on Maks and his gig as guest judge for the evening! Check out Maks on Good Morning America chatting about his judging duties in the above video before we dive into the DWTS semi-finals.

You can also check out the full run-down on Maks in the below link:

Tonight there are four judges as Maks joins Len, Bruno, and Carrie Ann on the panel!

First up is Lea and Tony. Tony is a partner with Maks in a dance studio, so we’ll see if Maks takes it easy on Tony at all … 8:03pm

Maks brings up all the disagreements he had in the past with the judges and host Tom replies with saying Maks isn’t wearing any pants. Judge Bruno Tonioli immediately takes a peek. 8:06pm

Lea and Tony take on Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and don’t get the best reviews from the regular judges. Maks, however, says he loved it. His only critique was that he wanted more emotion. 8:11pm

Maks used to be engaged to Karina Smirnoff and he’s starred with her on Broadway … How will he judge his ex? 8:16pm

Karina and Corbin’s fiery Tango was fierce and full of passion. Insanely awesome! 8:19pm

Maks loved Karina’s Tango, saying it was filled with content, but Len wasn’t crazy about it. He thought it should have been a calmer performance. 8:22pm

A total score of 35 out of 40 for Karina and Corbin. 8:22pm

Jack Osbourne’s MS is having an effect on Jack. 8:28pm

Jack and Cheryl power through the pain. 8:28pm

Mommy Sharon was sobbing in the front row after her son’s performance and sister Kelly gave her brother a standing ovation. 8:31pm

Len wasn’t crazy about Jack’s routine, but the rest of the judges loved it. Len’s got a bug up his tush tonight, but Jack gets a 33 out of 40 regardless. 8:33pm

Uh oh. Bill’s injured … This could be his last night on DWTS! 8:39pm

Maks is nice to Bill, saying that he appreciates his hard work in the ballroom. 8:42pm

Len congratulates Bill’s dance partner. He also calls Bill the people’s champion. 8:42pm

A 28 out of 40 for Bill and Emma. 8:43pm

Amber and Derek are up! 8:48pm

A change of tune for Len, loving Derek and Amber’s dance! 8:52pm

A 9 from Maks, but 10’s from the other judges gives Derek and Amber a 39 out of 40. 8:54pm

Chelsea Handler talks about her friendship with Leah Remini as the cameras follow Remini through her past. 9:00pm

Boos for Len as he critiques Leah Remini’s dance. 9:04pm

Taking a shot every time Bruno touches Maks would be an amazing drinking game. 9:05pm

Carrie Ann tells Leah to bring it “balls to the wall.” 9:05pm

Elizabeth Berkley watches from the audience … 9:05pm

A score of 33 from Leah and Tony, totalling their combined score as 65 for the night. 9:06pm

Wow. Corbin booked High School Musical at the same time he was accepted to Stanford University. 9:12pm

Corbin begins by going shirtless … to score some votes from the ladies? 9:14pm

Constant compliments from Maks about ex Karina Smirnoff, so Karina gives him a nice kiss on the cheek. 9:17pm

All 10’s equal a 40 out of 40, with a final score of 75! 9:18pm

Back to Jack! Jack Osbourne just has a great attitude and his wife’s pretty hot. 9:21pm

Jack and Cheryl’s second dance is seriously sultry and amazing. 9:27pm

Maks reveals one of his best friends suffers from MS as well. 9:29pm

Carrie Ann and Maks each fake out Jack with their critiques pretending to not like the dance at first … 9:29pm

Bruno tells Jack his dance was a great achievement and that he wants to kiss him. 9:31pm

A 38 out of 40 makes a total of 71 for the evening! 9:31pm

Gail Engvall’s wife talks about hos she first met him in college on rollerskates. 9:32pm

Slowing it down, that was actually a pretty cool version of “Sexy and I Know It.” 9:36pm

32 out of 40, equally 60 for Bill and Emma tonight! 9:38pm

Amber’s Glee cast members are her biggest cheerleaders. 9:46pm

Noah Guthrie can sing! 9:48pm

Maks tells Amber she has a guy who knows how to win (Derek). 9:49pm

Derek and Amber get four 10’s, totaling 79 for the whole night! 9:49pm

Cheryl bursts into tears as she tells her partner Jack Osbourne how proud she is of him. 9:55pm

Corbin and Karina are the first ones safe! 9:55pm

Amber and Derek follow! 9:55pm

And, the third couple to go to the finals is Jack and Cheryl! 9:55pm

So, the bottom two are Leah and Bill’s teams. 9:56pm

Leah’s going home and Bill stays in the game! 9:57pm

And, that’s all folks! If you loved seeing Maks in the ballroom again, check out our Top 10 Facts on him in the below link:

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