WATCH: One Direction Performs on Good Morning America

One Direction performed live on Good Morning America today. First you can check out their interview from the show above, along with their big announcement.

As far as their performances, first, they opened with their song “Best Song Ever.” The, they performed their newest single “Story Of My Life.”

Dressed in winter coats and gloves, the boys performed in Central Park, New York City, singing through the bitter cold. The second song on their list was singing the song that started it all … “What Makes You Beautiful.” Girls screamed as Harry blew them kisses and even though it was freezing, the guys seemed to be having a great time, goofing around as always.

But, you didn’t think they’d only perform three songs, did you? Nope … The boys finished with their popular song “Kiss You.”

One Direction GMA, One Direction Good Morning America, One Direction Central Park


And now check out some Twit Pics from the performances below:

Some people were even fortunate enough to have their teachers put on Good Morning America to watch this morning.

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