WATCH: One Direction Performs ‘Story Of My Life’ on X Factor USA

One Direction Thinks the Paparazzi in the US Are Way Worse Than the UK"Extra's" Terri Seymour chatted backstage with British boy wonders One Direction at "The X Factor" show, where they were set to perform.2013-11-21T23:45:45.000Z

The One Direction boys, adorable as always, performed “Story Of My Life” on the X Factor USA show, which airs tonight. First, check out the boys’ interview backstage with EXTRA TV.

Tonight is a double elimination, but that’s not what’s important because One Direction is performing! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for … Check out the video of the band’s performance below:

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Before the boys performed, a video to show their evolution from X Factor to today was shown. Then, the boys were revealed, surrounded by lamps and light bulbs on an amazing set. The set even had photos hanging around like their music video. As usual, the boys smiled and gave giggles in the background as their band-mates each sung. The sound of the crowd cheering could be heard throughout the boys’ performance and the judges gave the boys a standing ovation at the end.

Once their performance was over, Mario Lopez asked about their memories from the show and Liam spoke for the boys, saying the contestants definitely need to enjoy it while they can because it’s a great experience. Then, Mario Lopez talked about their new music as Louis and Niall goofed around in the background.

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